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Implementing Cisco Identity Service Engine Secure Solutions (ISE), 1.0

Following are the target prerequisites for the course. These prerequisites might change based on any additional or modified requirements from the BU. Required: ● CCNA® certification or equivalent level of experience with the configuration of Cisco routers and switches ● Introduction to 802.1x Operations for Cisco Security Professionals Version 1.0 Recommended: ● CCNP® certification or equivalent level of experience ● CCSP® certification or equivalent level of experience ● Base level of knowledge and understanding of the NAC appliance and Cisco ACS server version 5.X To locate Cisco courses that cover the listed prerequisites, go to the Cisco Training & Events webpage at
Course Content

Implementing Cisco Identity Service Engine Secure Solutions (ISE) is a course designed to provide students with hands-on lab configuration of the Cisco® Identity Services Engine running software version 1.0. The ISE platform takes the place of the Cisco ACS and NAC servers typically used in today’s identity-based networks. The students will implement 802.1X-based network services using Cisco Catalyst® and Cisco Nexus® switches and Cisco wireless products. The course also addresses solution design, sizing, resiliency, and platform troubleshooting.For more information, please visit

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:  Describe the Cisco TrustSec 2.0 solution architecture and deployment methodologies using the ISE platform  Configure the ISE platform in a network that includes Microsoft Active Directory  Configure the Cisco ISE software for wired and wireless 802.1X  Deploy firewall-based VPN services using the Cisco ASA and Inline Posture  Configure the ISE for classification and policy enforcement  Deploy ISE-based profiling, posture, and guest services  Troubleshoot user authentication and policy enforcement problems based on configuration error or network issue  Create a low-level design for the ISE platform deployment methodology, scaling requirements, and platform resiliency

  • Course Outline
    The course outline is as follows: ● Introducing the Cisco TrustSec 2.0 Solution and ISE Platform Architecture ● Installing the ISE Software ● Integrating the ISE into Microsoft Active Directory ● Introducing Redundancy and Scaling ● Using the ISE for Policy Enforcement ● Configuring the ISE for MAC Address Bypass (MAB) ● Configuring the ISE for Wired and Wireless 802.1X Authentication ● Deploying VPN-Based Services Using the Cisco ASA and Inline Posture ● Configuring Web Authentication Using the ISE ● Introducing ISE Guest Services ● Introducing ISE Profiling Services ● Introducing ISE Posture Services ● Creating a Low-Level Design for the ISE
    Who Should Attend
    This course is primarily targeted toward partner field engineers (FE) and secondarily sales engineers (SE) who will need to be able to design, deploy, and troubleshoot the TRUSTSEC 2.0 architecture with a focus on the ISE platform.
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     5  Days

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