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Securing the Web with Cisco Web Security Appliance(PASWSA) 1.0


Attendees should possess the following background knowledge and skills:

  • A basic understanding of TCP / IP services, including DNS, SSH, FTP, NTP and SNMP.
  • A basic understanding of IP routing.
  • Familiarity with HTTP and HTTPS, including an understanding of web-server and browser administration and operation.
  • It is helpful but not mandatory that attendees have experience with Cisco Email Security Appliances and/or ScanSafe products.
Course Content

Partner Only Training: PASWSA, Securing the Web with Cisco Web Security (formerly Cisco IronPort S-Series) course is an instructor-led training class for Cisco customers. It has hands-on labs, demos and presentations to help students learn technical aspects of Cisco Web Security Appliances (WSA). This comprehensive two-day training course covers how to install, configure, operate and maintain the WSA. Attendees receive in-depth instruction on the most commonly used product features, with an emphasis on the outline below. Extensive lab exercises provide attendees with critical hands-on product experience. The live lab facilities provide a safe environment to experiment with malware, and also to try configurations that might not be appropriate for a production network. At the end of the course attendees will be able to install, operate and maintain the WSA appliances.

Course Objectives

Attendees will be able to apply the most commonly used product features, with an emphasis on:

  • HTTP and HTTPS proxy services
  • L4 traffic monitoring
  • Authentication and web access control
  • URL filtering Anti-malware filtering
  • Troubleshooting WSA configuration issues
  • WSA deployment
Course Outline
  • Course & Product Overview
  • WSA Policy Framework
  • WSA: Utilizing Authentication
  • WSA: Enforcing Acceptable Use
  • WSA: Defending Against Malware
  • Deploying the WSA
  • ScanSafe Policy Framework
  • Deploying Scansafe
  • Reporting
  • Troubleshooting
Who Should Attend
  • Channel Partner / Reseller
  • Customer
  • Employee
  • Career Certifications

  • Technology


  • Delivery

    • ClassroomClassroom
    • Virtual ClassroomVirtual Classroom
  • Duration

     2  Days