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Address the App Gap Between Users and Their Applications

Cisco addresses the "App Gap" between users and their applications with ISR-AX. Hear from industry experts and customers on how this technology can benefit your organization.

As customers centralize applications to the Data Center and Cloud, the gap between the user and the information they need is widening and directly impacts customer experiences and employee productivity. A secure, application-aware network can bridge this gap and ensure users have a high quality of experience, regardless of where the application resides. Learn how customers and experts are addressing the "App Gap" with the new Application Experience platforms.

Join TechWise TV host Robb Boyd, as he interviews IT leaders from the following companies:

  • Jim Graves and Jeremy Bresley from HDR, a large architecture and construction firm, will share how Application Visibility and Control (AVC) enables them to monitor and prioritize applications and rapidly resolve issues for a global network that spans 60 countries.
  • Brian Kachel from Quintles, a global biopharmaceutical, will discuss how WAN optimization allows them to manage and scale a network filled with VDI, BYOD and other critical application traffic.
  • Brian Christiansen and John Moe from Cisco IT will talk about how they manage a network of over 70,000 employees worldwide with an optimal application experience.
  • Learn from the experts on how you can lower the barriers for delivering applications from where ever your business requires with an excellent user experience.


    Topics include:

  • Introduction to ISR-AX by host Robb Boyd
  • Industry experts provide insight
  • An interview with Quintiles
  • Hear from Cisco IT experts
  • An interview with HDR

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    Event Summary

    • Event type: Online Event
    • On Demand
    • Duration: 35 minutes

    Who Should Attend

    Technical and business decision makers with responsibility for new application rollouts and network infrastructure design, planning and procurement.

    • Large Corporations
    • Mid Size / Enterprise Business