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Cisco and Forbes Webcast: Real Versus Perceived Benefits of Cloud Collaboration

During this dynamic webcast, Pat Romzek, Cisco Vice President of Global Market Development, Collaboration Solution, will explore the real value of cloud collaboration, and what it can do for your business.

For Fast Results, Move to the Cloud

According to Forbes research, 78 percent of business leaders agree that cloud-based collaboration gives their organizations a competitive advantage. Join us for a 35-minute webcast to hear how it can help you achieve business results more quickly.

Learn about the benefits and barriers of successfully moving to the cloud. In this on-demand webcast you will hear from Pat Romzek Cisco Vice President of Global Market Development, Collaboration Solutions, along with Forbes analyst Joe McKendrick. They will discuss:

  • Important executive takeaways from the Forbes survey
  • Actual benefits achieved by companies shifting to the cloud
  • Business value created by new cloud-enabled flexibility, agility, and efficiency
  • How Cisco Powered partners can deliver rapid deployment while reducing complexity and costs

  • Agenda

    Topics to be discussed:

  • What is Collaboration and why Cloud?
  • Business benefits achieved today: Forbes research
  • Cisco Cloud Collaboration strategy

  • Approximate duration: 35 minutes

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    • Duration: 35 minutes
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    Who Should Attend

    Business development managers, chief information officers, vice presidents of infrastructure, chief financial officers

    • Large Corporations
    • Mid Size / Enterprise Business
    • Small / Medium Business