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Cisco Keynote at Interop NY 2013

Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers discusses the future of networking and the opportunity created by the Internet of Everything.

Watch the Cisco Keynote from Interop New York 2013

John Chambers, Chairman & CEO of Cisco, delivers the opening keynote, “The Future of IT and Networking. Driving IT Transformation, Creating New Opportunities” at Interop New York.

Watch John Chambers as he introduces our newest business network innovations. See how our new products and solutions can enable you to expand business applications to more places with Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences.

Also straight from Interop, watch these other videos to gain insights on new enterprise network technologies brought to you by the geeks you can trust -- Cisco TechWiseTV (TWTV) Broadcasters, Jimmy Ray Purser and Robb Boyd.


Cisco Keynote
The Future of IT and Networking. Driving IT Transformation, Creating New Opportunities
Featured Speaker: John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco
Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers discusses the future of networking and the opportunity created by the Internet of Everything. He describes how the Internet of Everything (IoE) creates unprecedented opportunities for organizations, individuals, communities and countries to realize dramatically greater value from networked connections between people, processes, data and things. Chambers outlines major network and infrastructure innovations that will empower IT to deliver on the opportunities ahead. Duration: 34 minutes

Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)
Featured Speaker: Jagdish Girimaji, Product Marketing Manager, UA Mobility Services, Cisco
Get the inside look for using Wi-Fi as a tool to more effectively engage your customers, provide the right content at the right time, and generate revenue. Facebook integration, improved analytics and a simple to leverage interface make this solution more compelling than ever before. Duration: 11:32 min.

Announcing Cisco Nexus 3100
Featured Speaker: Jagannadha Tamvada, Product Manager, Nexus Products, Cisco
Learn from Chief Geek Jimmy Ray Purser as he explores this 2nd Generation Nexus 3000 family. Eclipsing its High Frequency Trading Roots, this series brings high speed switching leadership to the Data Center Top of Rack (TOR) space. Two new Nexus 3100 switches are designed to be both scalable and energy efficient. From a software perspective, the rich NX-OS operating system fully supports the Cisco Open Network Environment framework with Openflow and the onePK toolkit. Duration: 10:57 min.

Cisco Catalyst 3650 in Action
Featured Speaker: Dan Schnour, Product Manager, Enterprise Networking Group, Cisco
Wired and wireless have truly converged are now available from Cisco in even more platforms with the release of the Catalyst 3650. Design paradigms are shifting rapidly, especially in light of this newest member of the converged series. Learn how ACL’s, QoS and even Netflow can be applied to all access methods, wired and wireless, in one box. The built in wireless controller allows access points to terminate right on the switch and simplify your growing network better than ever before. This stackable access switch is ideal for all converged wired and wireless deployments where the higher performance of the Catalyst 3850 switch is not required. Duration: 7:49 min.

Cisco Prime Infrastructure Demo
Featured Speaker: Rashmi Ramesh, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco
Troubleshooting a user calling the help desk with application or wireless challenges requires simple tools with system-wide visibility. Watch and learn as we demonstrate exactly how this scenario could play out using Cisco Prime Infrastructure. This tool empowers IT departments to more effectively manage their networks and the services they deliver. Scalable, integrated and tightly coupled with end-user awareness. Application performance visibility with comprehensive lifecycle management of wired and wireless access, campus and branch networks round out this indispensable tool set. Duration: 10:34 min.

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  • Duration: 34 minutes

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