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  • Cisco and Facebook Connect Mobile and Social

    Find out how you can enable your event guests and consumers to easily connect to the Wi-Fi network and receive the latest news about your venue.

Cisco and Facebook Connect Mobile and Social

(Original Webcast - January 22, 2014

Many organizations now realize that they can use Wi-Fi to provide personalized mobile experiences and gain customer analytics. It pays to stay connected to your consumers and enhance their mobile experience.

Listening to our own customers has prompted Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Group to team up with Facebook to enable businesses to turn their challenges into opportunities. We’ve looked at how consumers can have a more connected experience while in business venues, and at the same time how a business can improve its engagement with consumers. We want to make the holiday season more pleasant and productive for everyone.

Wi-Fi: Providing the Experience That Consumers Expect

Wi-Fi is quickly becoming the most effective way for companies to connect with their customers on mobile devices in real time. Using the online and onsite data collected about consumers who opt in is top of mind for many executives. In conjunction with this trend, the Cisco Customer Experience Report 2013 shows that consumers have come to expect free Wi-Fi on the go and that many use mobile phones when shopping to compare prices and to use promotions and coupons. Consumers are relying on mobile devices in other business scenarios as well: Travelers in an airport can use a mobile device to alert the airline gate if they will be running late. In coffee shops, consumers take advantage of free Wi-Fi access to work and to share social media updates with friends on Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter.

Cisco and Facebook Wi-Fi: More Ways to Connect with Your Customers

We see a potential for enhanced consumer experiences and more informed business results. We’ve worked with Facebook to develop a solution called Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) for Facebook Wi-Fi that significantly enhances the business and consumer engagement in a business venue.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how this solution enables guests and consumers to easily connect to the Wi-Fi network and receive the latest news about your venue through landing on your organization’s Facebook page. Our experts will focus on how businesses can:
  • Increase brand recognition through venue check-ins
  • Glean demographic data from checked-in users
  • Deliver the latest business news, services, and promotional information directly to mobile consumers
You’ll also learn how to increase engagement with visitors on the Wi-Fi network through location-based services with the Cisco CMX solution.


  • CMX Solution Overview
  • Introducing CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi
  • CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi Deep Dive
  • Customer Deployment Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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