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Data Center Network Evolution: Why Now?

Your data center is too important to be running on yesterday’s technology. Find out how updating your network can improve IT performance and reduce TCO.

Data Center Network Evolution: Why Now?
(Original Webcast - March 11, 2014)

Your data center is too important to be running on yesterday's technology. Reacting faster to market opportunities while also lowering network expenditures are competitive advantages any business wants. So why not yours?

Join our network experts for a webcast to better understand how to remove performance and innovation bottlenecks. We’ll examine the demands placed on the data center and discuss what it takes to achieve cost-effective network expansion to better compete.

Featured Speakers:

  • Craig Huitema, Director of Data Center Marketing, Cisco
  • Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research
  • Matthew Smorto, Senior Director, Systems Engineering, World Wide Data Center Solutions Architecture, Cisco

  • Agenda

    We’ll look at how businesses that have transitioned to new Cisco Nexus technology are gaining:

  • More flexibility to respond to new user and customer requirements
  • Up to 80 percent faster deployment times to support application workloads
  • Reduced operational expenses through less power, cooling, rack space, and floor space requirements
  • Easier troubleshooting and management
  • Experts will be available to answer questions online throughout the broadcast.

    Approximate duration: 37 minutes

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    Event Summary

    • Event type: Online Event
    • On Demand
    • Duration: 37 minutes

    Who Should Attend

    CIOs, IT directors, enterprise architects, and network managers in midmarket, enterprise, and service provider companies, or nonprofit, education, and public sector organizations, who are involved in developing, designing, and implementing data center solutions.

    • Large Corporations
    • Mid Size / Enterprise Business
    • Service Provider
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