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Keeping Up With Secure Mobility

Solve your mobile device management and security challenges with Cisco 802.11ac, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), and Cisco TrustSec solutions.

There is no turning back from the mobile trend. With more devices comes the insatiable hunger for bandwidth. After devices are connected to the network, IT must make sure each is secured and provisioned. Creativity is needed to handle these high-density environments and enforce proper policies for mobile security, while juggling other responsibilities for the business. That complexity can be a huge headache. IT needs tools that can help make the whole process simple and fast.

Enter Cisco's secure enterprise mobility solutions. Cisco's 802.11ac (the latest Wi-Fi standard that enables more devices and bandwidth), Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), and Cisco TrustSec solutions join forces to simplify the high-density, secure mobility experience.

Learn how this combined Cisco solution can relieve your mobile device management and security headaches. Hear how Erickson Living, a trusted name in retirement communities known for innovative approaches to supporting resident needs, relied on this Cisco solution to provide high-quality, secure connectivity and a simple user experience. Learn how Erickson was able to level up to 802.11ac with heavy considerations for mobile security. Find out how Cisco technology solutions help Erickson easily manage always-on, secure wireless access for its 16 retirement campuses.


Topics discussed include:

  • Enterprise mobility overview
  • Adapting to high-density networks and 802.11ac
  • Making sure of mobile security with Cisco TrustSec
  • Customer case study: Erickson Living

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    Event Summary

    • Event type: Online Event
    • On Demand
    • Duration: 50 minutes

    Who Should Attend

    Technical Decision Makers

    • Large Corporations
    • Mid Size / Enterprise Business