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Cloud Launch Webcast
(Original Webcast - May 14, 2014)

Within the Intercloud, more than 70 percent of enterprise companies want to deploy hybrid clouds and would like to get the best of two worlds: private cloud control with the flexibility of public clouds. Cloud providers aim to be accessible, reliable, and economical to end customers.

Cisco offers highly secure, open, and flexible solutions that help enable complete freedom in workload placement based on business needs. The Cisco InterCloud solution helps ensure the same network security, quality of service (QoS), and access control policies previously enforced in the data center are implemented in the public cloud. With Cisco InterCloud, end customers can build highly secure hybrid clouds and extend their existing data center to public clouds as needed and on demand. They do this by connecting on-premises data center infrastructure to multiple service providers, which takes advantage of flexible, pay-as-you-grow capacity.


Key features for end customers include:

  • Self-service consumption of hybrid resources with end-user and IT portals
  • Workload provisioning and bidirectional migration across on-premises and cloud resources
  • End-to-end security with consistent policy enforcement across the hybrid cloud
  • A single point of management and control for physical and virtual workloads across multiple private and public clouds
  • A choice of cloud providers and hypervisors

Key features for cloud providers include:
  • Meet customer requirements for open and highly secure clouds
  • Attract the best workloads for target customer segments with any hypervisor

Learn how you can set your organization up for success with Cisco’s hybrid cloud solutions. Enhance your business flexibility, extend your or your customers’ application environment across multiple clouds in a highly secure way, and simplify workload migrations.

Duration: 49 minutes

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