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  • Deliver Network Simplicity

    Learn how you can dramatically simplify your network architecture and management and reduce IT complexity and costs with next-generation Cisco Catalyst switching solutions.

You could call it Murphy's law of network architecture.

Each year, networks get exponentially more complex and difficult to manage. Today, most enterprises support a diverse array of platforms for wired, wireless, WAN, public Internet, and remote VPN, each with its own management and policy requirements. Connecting to these networks are a mushrooming number of devices, from tablets and smartphones to energy meters, monitoring devices, and even vehicles. In fact, the average enterprise IT department now supports an ecosystem that is 120 times more complex than it was just 10 years ago.

As a result, most IT organizations now spend 83 percent of their budgets just to maintain the status quo, up from 75 percent five years ago. Clearly, this trend is not sustainable. Networks, and the time and cost it takes to manage them, need to get a lot simpler.

This webcast shows you how Cisco is solving the IT complexity problem with the latest Cisco enterprise networking solutions. Watch and learn how these innovations enable you to converge separate wired, wireless, and remote architectures into one network, with one policy and one management platform across your entire enterprise.

Find out how these solutions allow you to automate repetitive operations, eliminating time-consuming manual configuration of thousands of network devices and saving countless hours of IT time. Discover how these solutions enable you to unlock the benefits of software-defined networking (SDN) now so you can:

  • Operate far more efficiently and reduce operating costs
  • Support new business innovation instead of just maintaining the status quo
  • Roll out new applications and services in days instead of weeks or months
  • Eliminate IT bottlenecks and turn your network into a competitive advantage

Watch this highly informative webcast on demand at your convenience and learn how you can dramatically simplify your network architecture and management using an end-to-end approach.


Topics to be discussed include:

The need for IT simplicity:

  • Proliferation of connected devices
  • The complexity multiplier effect
  • Negative effects of complexity
Converge, automate, and innovate:
  • IT should be as simple as 1 + 1 = 2
  • Converge the network with Cisco ONE
  • Automate and innovate with network intelligence

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