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  • Unleash Branch Innovation with Cisco Intelligent WAN and Akamai Connect

    Discover how Cisco® Intelligent WAN with Akamai Connect provides next-generation WAN performance for your branch and remote offices without requiring more bandwidth.

Unleash Branch Innovation with Cisco Intelligent WAN and Akamai Connect

(Original webcast June 17, 2014)

Call it the perfect storm.

Most IT organizations are centralizing applications in the public or private cloud to gain efficiencies, but this is increasing WAN traffic as branch office users access these remotely. Meanwhile, business managers are driving branches to increase productivity and customer engagement with performance-sensitive, data-heavy web and media applications, putting even more pressure on bandwidth-constrained WANs.

Adding bandwidth is one option, but most organizations have no additional WAN budget for this. Fortunately, Cisco and Akamai have partnered to develop a far more efficient solution: Cisco Intelligent WAN with Akamai Connect.

This 60-minute webcast will show you how this innovative solution provides the next-generation WAN performance you need today without massive bandwidth upgrades. See how it optimizes the user experience for your branch office employees and customers, regardless of device, connectivity, or location.

Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst of ZK Research, will discuss the IT trends and end-user demands driving the need for this solution. Experts from Cisco and Akamai reveal how the Cisco® Intelligent WAN with Akamai Connect provides true last-mile optimization, enabling your branch offices and remote locations to:

  • Access high-definition video with reduced latency.
  • Offer guest Wi-Fi without interfering with business applications.
  • Significantly offload your enterprise WAN.
Be sure to tune in and see how you can deliver an uncompromised branch-user experience over any WAN or internet connection.


Topics to be discussed include:

  • Industry trends and network pressure
  • Cisco Intelligent WAN
  • Akamai Connect
  • Business Use Cases
  • Q&A
Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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