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  • Deploying 802.11ac in the Real World

    Discover how Cisco customers from K - 12, higher education, healthcare, and enterprise are already reaping the benefits of the IEEE 802.11ac standard and get customer-proven best practices for deployment.

Deploying 802.11ac in the Real World

(Original webcast June 26, 2014)

Driven by the rapidly increasing volume of mobile devices and the need for access to high-bandwidth applications like video, adoption of the newest Wi-Fi standard, IEEE 802.11ac, is occurring much faster than that of its predecessor, 802.11n.

The 802.11ac standard offers substantial performance advantages, especially for high-density environments. Wireless LAN sites will see significant improvements in the number of clients supported by an access point (AP), a better experience for each client, and more available bandwidth for a higher number of parallel video streams.

This 60-minute webcast will provide an update on 802.11ac technology development and discuss various deployments already undertaken by K -12, higher education, healthcare, and enterprise organizations. You will learn real-world customer benefits and challenges, and gain insights into best practices for deploying 802.11ac. Join us for this highly informative session and discover:

  • Why 802.11ac now
  • 802.11ac facts considerations
  • Environments that are adopting 802.11ac first
  • Performance improvements that end users and network managers can reasonably expect

During the live webcast, Cisco® experts will also be available to answer your questions. and get straight talk about the benefits of 802.11ac and objective customer advice for deploying the newest Wi-Fi standard.


Topics to be discussed include:

  • Defining the need for 802.11ac in the enterprise
  • Adapting to high-density networks and 802.11ac
  • 802.11ac use cases

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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