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  • Simplifying Network Security with Cisco Catalyst Switches

    Take a guided tour of the comprehensive security features that are built in to the latest generation of Cisco Catalyst switches and see how they dramatically simplify network security.

Simplifying Network Security with Cisco Catalyst Switches

(Original Webcast July 22, 2014)

Today, with the asymmetrical nature of networks and users plus the growth of increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats, it is little wonder that network security has become the number-one concern of most enterprise and commercial network managers. Further, what was once a fairly simple proposition calling for a sound perimeter defense has morphed into a highly complex task. Now, security policies and solutions must permeate everywhere on the network and on every device that touches it, requiring constant management.

This webcast demonstrates how the latest generation of Cisco Catalyst switches enable you to greatly simplify your network security burdens by automating many of the time-consuming functions that must now be administered manually. Take a guided tour of the many comprehensive, built-in security features that provide state-of-the-art protection while minimizing your workload, including:

Cisco identity Services Engine (ISE) integration – Provides automated and simplified access control and security for wired, wireless and VPN while supporting BYOD initiatives and enforcing usage policies in conjunction with Cisco TrustSec.

Cisco TrustSec – Enables consistent enforcement of security policies with highly efficient segmentation, protecting assets such as data, applications, and mobile devices from unauthorized access while accelerating security operations.

Embedded device sensors – Automatically identify devices connecting to the switches, including laptops, IP phones, wireless access points, printers, and video conferencing units and then send the profile to Cisco ISE, which automatically applies the appropriate security policy.

Flexible NetFlow – Protects your network against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and network-propagated worms by automatically inspecting every packet on the network, providing superior visibility.

MACSec – Make sure of the confidentiality of data in transit by providing strong encryption at Layer 2 throughout the entire switching network, from the edge to the data center, while preserving network visibility and intelligence on a hop-by-hop basis.

Discover how you can make comprehensive network security simple using the sophisticated, built-in security features of Cisco Catalyst switches.


Topics discussed include:

  • Overview
  • Identity Based Networking Services
  • Cisco TrustSec
  • MACsec
  • Behavioral Based Threat Detection
  • First Hop Security

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