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Cisco Unified Computing System: Foundation for Cloud

Cloud computing has nearly limitless potential. Building for the full potential of the cloud starts with your infrastructure choices. Learn how to build the present and future cloud.

Cisco Unified Computing System: Foundation for Cloud
(Original Webcast December 6, 2012)

Without doubt, one of the great appeals of cloud computing is its near limitless potential. While each organization’s path to building clouds is (and should be) unique, not all paths will deliver the full potential of the cloud. If your goal is to achieve the full potential of the cloud, your infrastructure choices are the place to start.

Our panel of experts and customers will discuss how you can maximize the value of your cloud and design for the present and future cloud.

If you are a business or technical professional who is expecting significant returns or transformative business capabilities from cloud architectures, register now and learn more.


Topics to be covered include:

  • The role of open infrastructure programmability in achieving the full potential of the cloud
  • How the right foundation can help prepare your cloud for true elasticity and scalability
  • The architectural decisions that can affect the future speed of service delivery
  • Deep integration: why clouds require extensive automation down to the physical layer
  • Infrastructure capabilities that support resource distribution with complete transparency and simplicity
  • Approximate duration: 47 minutes

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    • Duration: 47 minutes

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