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SDN for the LAN—Making the Right Switch

As the possibilities of software-defined networking—or SDN—continue to grow, many organizations are taking a hard look at SDN for their branch and campus LAN. They want to improve quality of service (QoS), increase security, ease ACL (Access Control List) management and manage their bring-your-own-device programs.

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Find out:
  • What SDN for the LAN looks like
  • How it can benefit your business
  • Why upgrading your technology now may be the smartest move for your future

  • We’ll take a look at the range of SDN solutions currently available—including non-traditional alternatives you may never have considered, such as cloud-based switching. We’ll also see what the latest hardware offers that experienced versions don’t, and conversely, what experienced versions offer. We’ll even talk about the implications of software-defined networking on the IT industry, and what it means for the careers of engineers like you.

    As always, this is an opportunity for you to learn what’s real and what isn’t when it comes to today’s technology. And you’re getting it straight from the networking pros who live it every day. Don’t miss out: register now.


    Topics to be discussed include:

  • SDN for the LAN: What, Why, and How to Make It Work for You
  • Exploring Non-Traditional Options: Cloud-Managed Networking with Cisco Meraki
  • Upgrade Considerations: The Catalyst 6800: What's New and What's in It for You
  • SDN and Your Future: Five TechWise Skills for the SDN-Ready Engineer

  • Approximate duration: 38 minutes

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