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Desktop Virtualization, Is Now The Time?

Has the time for virtual desktops finally arrived? That is the question our TechWiseTV experts tackle in our latest episode. Get an in-depth look at the technology advancements transforming VDI design and deployment. And discover why right now might be the right time to consider VDI for your enterprise.

This information-packed episode features a load of special guests, including virtual desktop expert Tony Paikeday, who explains how recent innovations have made enterprises reevaluate the price/performance potential of VDI. You will also hear from Cisco’s Ashok Rajagopalan, who dives deep into the predefined architecture packages that make the most sense for a VDI deployment. Host Robb Boyd takes you on a backstage tour of Cisco’s own VDI Lab, and Mike Brennan goes hands on with Jimmy Ray to show you what a virtual desktop transition looks like.

This is the most comprehensive and detailed a look at virtual desktop infrastructure that we have ever taken, and we do not want you to miss it. So what are you waiting for? Watch Now.


Topics include:

  • An introduction to virtual desktop infrastructure
  • The four changes in tech that have led to new VDI opportunities
  • An in-depth look at the four primary architectural types
  • Using Cisco Validated Design guides to jump-start deployment
  • VDI in action: Robb takes a tour of Cisco’s VDI Lab
  • A hands-on tour of VDI

  • Approximate duration: 39 minutes

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