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  • Reinventing Network Security

    Discover how a comprehensive, network-enabled approach to information security can help protect you against today's increasingly pervasive cyberthreats by giving you unprecedented visibility across your entire network.

Architecting a Unified Security Solution

Today's security landscape has changed dramatically. The proliferation of mobile devices and remote users, combined with the popularity of cloud services, has eliminated traditional corporate network barriers and opened up countless new attack surfaces for hackers. Meanwhile, cyberthreats are mushrooming in number and growing in sophistication. Funded by well-organized crime and nation states, they are relentless and increasingly hard to detect.

Little wonder, then, that research by Cisco security experts (2014 Cisco Annual Security Report) found malicious traffic on fully 100 percent of corporate networks. Further, research shows that 75 percent of all attacks take only minutes to begin accessing data but take much longer to detect. In fact, more than 50 percent of all attacks manage to persist without detection for months before they are discovered.

Protecting your valuable data and your reputation in this pervasive threat environment clearly calls for a completely new strategy that moves beyond traditional security solutions.

In this webcast, Cisco experts will present a complete overview of the Cisco architectural approach to network security and show you how this strategy can help you stay one step ahead of cyberthreats in today's dynamic environment.

Learn how Cisco can help you solve your security challenges before they become serious problems.


This 40-minute webcast will show you how adopting a comprehensive, network-enabled approach to cybersecurity can help you quickly identify, isolate, and counter cyberthreats. Discover how you can integrate the latest security technologies into a unified solution that gives you unprecedented visibility across your entire network at all times, enabling you to:

  • Detect anomalous traffic and prevent access violations
  • Segment the network to shrink the attack surface
  • Automate for near real-time threat mitigation

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