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Cisco Services for IPS protects and enhances the effectiveness of the Cisco Intrusion Prevention System. Supported by the Cisco Global Security Intelligence organization, Cisco Services for IPS delivers continuously updated, comprehensive, and accurate detection technology to identify and block fast-moving and emerging threats.

S749 Alert

After releasing signature update S749, we discovered a defect that significantly impacted the performance of the AnalysisEngine application running on the sensor. This defect is documented in CSCul00198. Having identified the root cause of the problem, we have provided a fix in signature update S750 and enhanced our test suite to detect this condition in future signature updates. In order to avoid this issue do not upgrade to S749 (it is no longer available for download); instead, upgrade directly to S750. We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

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Access to technical IPS information and solutions that help resolve issues that Cisco customers may encounter. Post discussions, documents, comments, and respond to questions regarding your Cisco IPS/IDS equipment or software.

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The 7.3.1 IPS release contains a deployment profile feature (threat profiles) for Edge, Data Center, SCADA, and Web Applications scenarios. As an additional reference point, the IPS Signature Development Team is providing a simple zipped CSV file containing a list of signatures explicitly enabled in each threat profile. An updated file will be available here whenever the threat profiles are updated.

2014-11-05 Version 9 S833
2014-08-06 Version 8 S813
2014-05-13 Version 7 S797
2014-01-17 Version 6 S764

Do you need to report a false positive? If you believe you have identified a benign trigger, please provide the following information and we will determine if the signature can be improved. Include the signature and sub-signature id, traffic sample(s), alert context buffers, and any additional relevant information.

Need a custom signature? Is there specific traffic you want to identify on your network? Do you think that the signature would be useful to other customers? We can provide guidance on developing a custom signature. If it is universally applicable, we may be able to test and maintain it by releasing it in our standard signature set. Please include a detailed summary of the issue, traffic sample, and any associated information you think may be useful.

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