Cisco Security

Cisco Security

Multiple SNMPv3 Implementations Hash-Based Message Authentication Code Manipulation Vulnerability

Threat Type:CWE-287: Authentication Issues
IntelliShield ID:16040
First Published:2008 June 10 14:18 GMT
Last Published:2012 November 16 19:49 GMT
Port: Not available
BugTraq ID:29623
Urgency:Unlikely Use
Severity:Moderate Damage
CVSS Base:10.0 CVSS Calculator
CVSS Version 2.0
CVSS Temporal:7.4
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Version Summary:Cisco has updated this alert with additional information to address the SNMPv3 hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability.
Multiple vendor products contain a vulnerability in Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Version 3 that could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to disclose sensitive information or make configuration changes to the vulnerable device.

The vulnerability is due to an error in the authentication method that several SNMP Version 3 (SNMPv3) implementations use. Devices that have SNMPv3 configured may improperly handle SNMPv3 message authentication requests.

An unauthenticated, remote attacker could exploit the vulnerability via malformed SNMPv3 messages that are designed to bypass authentication requirements and disclose sensitive configuration information. The attacker may also be able to make configuration changes to the device itself. In certain circumstances, configuration changes may lead to a complete compromise of the device.

Cisco and Sun have confirmed the vulnerability and released updated software. Net-SNMP has confirmed the vulnerability and released updated versions. eCos has confirmed the vulnerability in the CVS repository.
Warning Indicators
Multiple products that are configured to use SNMPv3 are affected.
IntelliShield Analysis
The vulnerability affects only devices that are configured for SNMPv3. Versions 1 and 2 are not affected by this vulnerability. An attacker who can submit packets to an affected device is likely to be able to exploit the vulnerability. Because SNMP is a UDP-based protocol, even those devices that allow access only via certain IP addresses are likely to be exploitable because the origin of UDP packets is easily spoofed.
Vendor Announcements
Cisco has re-released a security advisory at the following link: cisco-sa-20080610-snmpv3. This advisory addresses the following Cisco bug IDs:

eCos has provided a fix in the CVS repository at the following link: Wed Jun 11 13:14:09 2008 UTC

Sun has released an alert notification at the following link: 238865

Apple has released a security update at the following link: Security Update 2008-004

Debian has released a security advisory at the following link: DSA-1663-1

Gentoo has released a security advisory at the following link: GLSA 200808-02

HP has re-released a security bulletin c01757418 at the following link: HPSBMA02439 SSRT080082

Ingate has released a security advisory at the following link: Ingate Firewall and SIParator affected by SNMPv3 vulnerability

Mandriva has released a security advisory at the following link: MDVSA-2008:118

Nortel has released a security bulletin at the following link: 2008008916

Novell has released a security announcement at the following link: SUSE-SA:2008:039

Red Hat has released security advisories at the following links: RHSA-2008:0528 and RHSA-2008:0529

Slackware has released a security advisory at the following link: SSA:2008-210-07

Ubuntu has released a security notice at the following link: USN-685-1

VMware has released a security advisories at the following links: VMSA-2008-0013.3 and VMSA-2008-0017

US-CERT has released a vulnerability note at the following link: VU#878044
An unauthenticated, remote attacker could exploit the vulnerability to bypass authentication, disclose sensitive information, or modify the device's configuration, which could result in a complete compromise of the vulnerable device.
Technical Information
To exploit the vulnerability, the SNMP server must be enabled. Only SNMPv3 implementations are affected.

The vulnerability is due to an error that may occur during the processing of an Hash-based Message Authentication Code (HMAC) that is included in SNMPv3 messages. An unauthenticated, remote attacker could exploit the vulnerability by sending malicious SNMPv3 packets to a vulnerable device via UDP ports 161 and 162. The packets would be designed to manipulate the HMAC in such a way as to bypass authentication, which could grant access to sensitive data or allow the attacker to make arbitrary configuration changes. The vulnerability affects both Secure Hash Algorithm-1 (SHA-1) and Message Digest 5 (MD5) hash algorithms.
Administrators are advised to apply the appropriate updates.

Administrators are advised to use infrastructure ACLs to permit SNMPv3 packets over UDP port 161 only if they are from trusted hosts and destined to infrastructure addresses.

Administrators may consider employing Control Plane Policing (CoPP) on supported devices as described in the Cisco security advisory.

Administrators are advised to use transit access control lists (tACLs) to restrict the traffic that enters the network.

Administrators may consider enabling the SNMPv3 privacy subsystem as a temporary workaround.

The Cisco Applied Intelligence team has created the following companion document to guide administrators in identifying and mitigating attempts to exploit this vulnerability prior to applying updated software: cisco-amb-20080610-SNMPv3
Cisco customers with active contracts can obtain updates through the Software Center at the following link: Cisco. Cisco customers without contracts can obtain upgrades by contacting the Cisco Technical Assistance Center at 1-800-553-2447 or 1-408-526-7209 or via e-mail at

eCos has provided a fix in the CVS repository at the following link: eCos Revision 1.15

Net-SNMP has released updated versions at the following links:

Net-SNMP version
Net-SNMP version
Net-SNMP version

Sun has released patches at the following links:

Solaris 10 patch 120272-21 or later

Solaris 10 patch 120273-23 or later

Apple has released updated software at the following links:

Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server 10.4.11
Security Update 2008-004 (PPC)
Security Update 2008-004 (Intel)
Security Update 2008-004 Server (PPC)
Security Update 2008-004 Server (Intel)

Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server 10.5.3
Mac OS X 10.5.4 Combo Update
Mac OS X 10.5.4 Update
Mac OS X Server 10.5.4
Mac OS X Server Combo 10.5.4

Debian has released updated packages at the following link: Debian

Gentoo updates can be obtained for the following package using the emerge command: net-analyzer/net-snmp

HP has released updated software for registered users at the following links:

PHSS_41033 or subsequent

PHSS_41032 or subsequent

Linux RedHatAS2.1
LXOV_00109 or subsequent

Linux RedHat4AS-x86_64
LXOV_00110 or subsequent

PSOV_03529 or subsequent

NNM_01206 or subsequent

Mandriva products can be updated automatically using MandrivaUpdate.

Novell has released updated packages; users can install the updates using YaST.

Red Hat packages can be updated using the up2date or yum command.

Slackware packages can be updated using the upgradepkg command.

Ubuntu has released updated packages; users can install the updates using Update Manager.

VMware has released patches at the following links:

ESX Server 3.5

ESX Server 3.0.3

ESX Server 3.0.2

ESX Server 3.0.1

ESX Server 2.5.5
Upgrade Patch 10

ESX Server 2.5.4
Upgrade Patch 21

Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) 6.0
Signature IDSignature NameReleaseLatest Release Date
6546/0SNMPv3 Malformed Authentication AttemptS4642010 Jan 27 
Alert History
Version 20, November 1, 2012, 4:53 PM: Cisco has updated this alert with additional information to address the SNMPv3 hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability.

Version 19, August 10, 2010, 8:47 AM: Cisco has re-released a security advisory with additional affected products and updated software to address the SNMPv3 hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability.

Version 18, June 23, 2010, 11:03 AM: HP has re-released a security bulletin and updated software to address the SNMPv3 hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability.

Version 17, February 22, 2010, 4:32 PM: Cisco has re-released a security advisory to indicate that Cisco PSTN Gateway PGW 2200 products are not affected by the SNMPv3 hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability.

Version 16, January 29, 2010, 5:49 PM: Cisco has re-released a security advisory with additional affected products and updated software to address the SNMPv3 hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability in Net-SNMP.

Version 15, June 23, 2009, 5:41 PM: HP has released a security bulletin and updated software to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability in Net-SNMP.

Version 14, December 4, 2009, 12:55 PM: Ubuntu has released a security notice and updated packages to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability in Net-SNMP.

Version 13, November 10, 2008, 8:47 AM: Debian has released a security advisory and updated packages to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability in Net-SNMP.

Version 12, October 31, 2008, 10:31 AM: VMware has released a security advisory with patches to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability in UCD-SNMP.

Version 11, September 22, 2008, 1:35 PM: Nortel has released a security bulletin to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based message authentication code manipulation vulnerability in Net-SNMP and UCD-SNMP.

Version 10, September 22, 2008, 8:46 AM: VMware has re-released a security advisory with patches for ESX Server 3.5 to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based Message Authentication Code manipulation vulnerability in Net-SNMP.

Version 9, September 1, 2008, 10:26 AM: VMware has re-released a security advisory with patches for ESX Server to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based Message Authentication Code manipulation vulnerability in Net-SNMP.

Version 8, August 13, 2008, 7:03 AM: VMware has released a security advisory to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based Message Authentication Code manipulation vulnerability in Net-SNMP.

Version 7, August 6, 2008, 9:07 AM: Gentoo has released a security advisory and updated packages to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based Message Authentication Code manipulation vulnerability in NetSNMP.

Version 6, August 4, 2008, 8:36 AM: SUSE has released a security announcement and updated packages to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based Message Authentication Code manipulation vulnerability.

Version 5, July 30, 2008, 8:56 AM: Slackware has released a security advisory and updated packages to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based Message Authentication Code manipulation vulnerability.

Version 4, July 2, 2008, 7:53 AM: Apple has released a security update and updated software to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based Message Authentication Code manipulation vulnerability.

Version 3, June 25, 2008, 7:59 AM: Mandriva has released a security advisory and updated packages to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based Message Authentication Code manipulation vulnerability.

Version 2, June 13, 2008, 12:46 PM: Multiple vendors have released security advisories and updates to address the SNMPv3 Hash-based Message Authentication Code manipulation vulnerability. Cisco has re-released an advisory with IPS mitigation and CS-MARS identification.

Version 1, June 10, 2008, 2:18 PM: Multiple Cisco products contain a vulnerability in the Simple Network Management Protocol Version 3 that could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to disclose sensitive information or make configuration changes to the vulnerable device. Updates are available.

Product Sets
The security vulnerability applies to the following combinations of products.

Primary Products:
CiscoCisco Application and Content Networking Software (ACNS) 4.0 Base | 4.0.3 Base | 4.1 Base | 4.1.1 Base | 4.1.3 Base | 4.2 Base | 4.2.3 Base | 4.2.5 Base | 4.2.7 Base | 4.2.9 Base | 4.2.11 Base | 4.2.13 Base | 5.0 Base | 5.0.1 Base | 5.0.3 Base | 5.0.5 Base | 5.0.7 Base | 5.0.9 Base | 5.0.11 Base | 5.0.13 Base | 5.0.15 Base | 5.0.17 Base | 5.1 Base | 5.1.3 Base | 5.1.5 Base | 5.1.7 Base | 5.1.13 Base | 5.1.11 Base | 5.1.9 Base | 5.2 Base | 5.2.3 Base | 5.2.5 Base | 5.3 Base | 5.3.1 Base | 5.4 Base | 5.5 Base
CiscoCisco Catalyst Operating System Software (CatOS) 8.5 (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8)
CiscoCisco ACE XML Gateway Software 6.0 Base
CiscoCisco NX-OS Software 4.0 Base, (1), (1a)
CiscoCisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) 4.0 Base, .7, .7.46, .9, .9.10, .11.34, .13.23, .17.14, .19.14, (23) | 4.1 Base, (1e)
CiscoCisco Wireless LAN Controller 3.0 Base | 3.1 .59.24, .105.0, .111.0 | 3.2 .78.0, .116.21, .150.6, .150.10, .171.5, .171.6, .185.0, .193.5, .195.10 | 4.0 .108, .155.0, .155.5, .179.8, .179.11, .196, .206.0, .217.0, .219.0 | 4.1 Base, .171.0, .181.0, .185.0 | 4.2 Base, .61.0, .99.0, .112.0, .117.0, .130.0, .173.0, .174.0, .176.0, .182.0 | 5.0 .148.0, .148.2 | 5.1 .151.0, .152.0, .160.0
CiscoCisco Internet Streamer Content Delivery System (CDS) 2.0 Base | 2.1 Base | 2.2 Base | 2.3 Base, .3, .5, .7, .9 | 2.4 Base, .3, .5 | 2.5 .1, .3, .7, .9
CiscoCisco IOS XR Software 3.3 .1
CiscoCisco MDS SAN-OS 2.1 Base, .1, .1a, .1b, .2, .2d, .2e, .3 | 3.0 .1, .2, .2a, .3 | 3.2 Base | 3.3 Base
CiscoCisco MGX Switch 8850 Base | 8880 Base
eCosCentric LimitedeCos 1.1 Base | 1.2 .1 | 1.3 .1 | 2.0 Base
HPHP OpenView SNMP Emanate Master Agent 15.0 Base
Ingate SystemsIngate Firewall 3.1.0 Base | 3.1.1 Base | 3.2.0 Base | 3.2.1 Base | 3.2.2 Base | 3.3.1 Base | 4.1.0 Base | 4.1.3 Base | 4.2.0 Base | 4.2.1 Base | 4.2.2 Base | 4.2.3 Base | 4.3.1 Base | 4.3.4 Base | 4.4.1 Base | 4.5.0 Base | 4.5.1 Base | 4.5.2 Base | 4.6.0 Base
Ingate SystemsIngate SIParator 3.1.0 Base | 3.1.1 Base | 3.1.3 Base | 3.1.4 Base | 3.2.0 Base | 3.2.1 Base | 3.2.2 Base | 3.3.1 Base | 4.1.0 Base | 4.1.3 Base | 4.2.1 Base | 4.2.2 Base | 4.2.3 Base | 4.3.1 Base | 4.3.4 Base | 4.4.1 Base | 4.5.0 Base | 4.5.1 Base | 4.5.2 Base | 4.6.0 Base
Juniper Networks, Inc.Session and Resource Control (SRC-PE) Software 1.0 .0, .1 | 2.0 .0
Mandrivasoft IncMulti Network Firewall 2.0 i586
Nortel NetworksAlteon 5100 Series Firewall 1.1 .2, .3 | 2.1 Base, .1 | 2.2 .7.0, .7.6, .7.7 | 2.3 .1
Nortel NetworksAlteon Switch Firewall 2.0 .1, .2.0, .2.7, .3 | 3.0 .1, .4, .4.4, .4.8 | 3.1 .1.0, .2.0, .3.0, .4, .5 | 3.5 .1, .1.10d, .1.4a, .3, .4, .5, .6, .7 | 4.0 .1, .2, .3
Nortel NetworksAlteon Switched Firewall 5400 Series 1.0 Base, .41 | 1.1 Base | 2.0 Base, .1, .2.0, .2.7, .3 | 2.2 Base | 2.3 Base
Nortel NetworksAlteon Switched Firewall 5600 Series 1.0 Base, .41 | 1.1 Base | 2.0 .1, .2.0, .2.7, .3 | 2.2 Base | 2.3 Base
Nortel NetworksAlteon Switched Firewall 5700 Series 1.0 Base, .41 | 1.1 Base | 2.0.1 Base | 2.0.2 .0, .7 | 2.0.3 Base | 2.2 Base | 2.3 Base
Nortel NetworksSwitched Firewall 5100 Series 2.1 Base | 2.2 .7.0, .7.6, .7.7 | 2.3 .1, .3
Nortel NetworksSwitched Firewall 6000 Series 4.0 .1, .2, .3 | 4.1 .1
SourceForgenet-snmp 5.2 .0, .1, .1.2, .3, .4 | 5.3 .0, .1, .2 | 5.4 .0, .1
SourceForgeucd-snmp Original Release Base
Sun Microsystems, Inc.Solaris 10 sparc, x64/x86

Associated Products:
AppleMac OS X 10.4.0 Base | 10.4.1 Base | 10.4.2 Base | 10.4.3 Base | 10.4.4 Intel, PPC | 10.4.5 Intel, PPC | 10.4.6 Intel, PPC | 10.4.7 Intel, PPC | 10.4.8 Intel, PPC | 10.4.9 Intel, PPC | 10.4.10 Intel, PPC | 10.4.11 Intel, PPC | 10.5 Intel, PPC | 10.5.1 Intel, PPC | 10.5.2 Intel, PPC | 10.5.3 Base
AppleMac OS X Server 10.4.0 Base | 10.4.1 Base | 10.4.2 Base | 10.4.3 Base | 10.4.4 Base | 10.4.5 Base | 10.4.6 Base | 10.4.7 Intel, PPC | 10.4.8 Intel, PPC | 10.4.9 Intel, PPC | 10.4.10 Intel, PPC | 10.4.11 PPC, Intel | 10.5 Intel, PPC | 10.5.1 Intel, PPC | 10.5.2 Intel, PPC | 10.5.3 Intel, PPC
CiscoIOS 12.0DB 12.0(7)DB, 12.0(7)DB1, 12.0(7)DB2 | 12.0DC 12.0(7)DC, 12.0(7)DC1 | 12.0S 12.0(6)S, 12.0(6)S1, 12.0(6)S2, 12.0(7)S, 12.0(8)S, 12.0(8)S1, 12.0(9)S, 12.0(9)S8, 12.0(10)S, 12.0(10)S1, 12.0(10)S2, 12.0(10)S3, 12.0(10)S3b, 12.0(10)S4, 12.0(10)S5, 12.0(10)S7, 12.0(10)S8, 12.0(11)S, 12.0(11)S1, 12.0(11)S2, 12.0(11)S3, 12.0(11)S4, 12.0(11)S5, 12.0(11)S6, 12.0(12)S, 12.0(12)S1, 12.0(12)S2, 12.0(12)S3, 12.0(12)S4, 12.0(13)S, 12.0(13)S1, 12.0(13)S2, 12.0(13)S3, 12.0(13)S4, 12.0(13)S5, 12.0(13)S6, 12.0(13)S7, 12.0(13)S8, 12.0(14)S, 12.0(14)S1, 12.0(14)S2, 12.0(14)S3, 12.0(14)S4, 12.0(14)S5, 12.0(14)S6, 12.0(14)S7, 12.0(14)S8, 12.0(15)S, 12.0(15)S1, 12.0(15)S2, 12.0(15)S3, 12.0(15)S4, 12.0(15)S5, 12.0(15)S6, 12.0(15)S7, 12.0(16)S, 12.0(16)S1, 12.0(16)S10, 12.0(16)S11, 12.0(16)S12, 12.0(16)S2, 12.0(16)S3, 12.0(16)S4, 12.0(16)S5, 12.0(16)S6, 12.0(16)S7, 12.0(16)S8, 12.0(16)S8a, 12.0(16)S9, 12.0(17)S, 12.0(17)S1, 12.0(17)S2, 12.0(17)S3, 12.0(17)S4, 12.0(17)S5, 12.0(17)S6, 12.0(17)S7, 12.0(18)S, 12.0(18)S1, 12.0(18)S2, 12.0(18)S3, 12.0(18)S4, 12.0(18)S5, 12.0(18)S5a, 12.0(18)S6, 12.0(18)S7, 12.0(19)S, 12.0(19)S1, 12.0(19)S2, 12.0(19)S2a, 12.0(19)S3, 12.0(19)S4, 12.0(21)S, 12.0(21)S1, 12.0(21)S2, 12.0(21)S3, 12.0(21)S4, 12.0(21)S4a, 12.0(21)S5, 12.0(21)S5a, 12.0(21)S6, 12.0(21)S6a, 12.0(21)S7, 12.0(21)S8, 12.0(22)S, 12.0(22)S1, 12.0(22)S2, 12.0(22)S2a, 12.0(22)S2b, 12.0(22)S2c, 12.0(22)S2d, 12.0(22)S2e, 12.0(22)S3, 12.0(22)S3a, 12.0(22)S3b, 12.0(22)S3c, 12.0(22)S4, 12.0(22)S4a, 12.0(22)S5, 12.0(22)S5a, 12.0(22)S6, 12.0(23)S, 12.0(23)S1, 12.0(23)S2, 12.0(23)S2a, 12.0(23)S3, 12.0(23)S3a, 12.0(23)S3b, 12.0(23)S3c, 12.0(23)S4, 12.0(23)S5, 12.0(23)S6, 12.0(23)S6a, 12.0(24)S, 12.0(24)S1, 12.0(24)S2, 12.0(24)S2a, 12.0(24)S2b, 12.0(24)S2c, 12.0(24)S3, 12.0(24)S4, 12.0(24)S4a, 12.0(24)S4b, 12.0(24)S5, 12.0(24)S5a, 12.0(24)S6, 12.0(24)S6a, 12.0(25)S, 12.0(25)S1, 12.0(25)S1a, 12.0(25)S1b, 12.0(25)S1c, 12.0(25)S1d, 12.0(25)S2, 12.0(25)S3, 12.0(25)S4, 12.0(25)S4a, 12.0(25)S4b, 12.0(25)S4c, 12.0(25)S4d, 12.0(25)S5, 12.0(25)S6, 12.0(26)S, 12.0(26)S1, 12.0(26)S2, 12.0(26)S2a, 12.0(26)S2b, 12.0(26)S2c, 12.0(26)S3, 12.0(26)S3a, 12.0(26)S4, 12.0(26)S4a, 12.0(26)S4b, 12.0(26)S4c, 12.0(26)S5, 12.0(26)S5a, 12.0(26)S5b, 12.0(26)S6, 12.0(27)S, 12.0(27)S1, 12.0(27)S2, 12.0(27)S2a, 12.0(27)S2b, 12.0(27)S2c, 12.0(27)S2d, 12.0(27)S3, 12.0(27)S3a, 12.0(27)S3b, 12.0(27)S3c, 12.0(27)S3d, 12.0(27)S4, 12.0(27)S4a, 12.0(27)S4b, 12.0(27)S4c, 12.0(27)S5, 12.0(27)S5a, 12.0(27)S5b, 12.0(27)S5c, 12.0(27)S5d, 12.0(28)S, 12.0(28)S2, 12.0(28)S2a, 12.0(28)S3, 12.0(28)S4, 12.0(28)S4a, 12.0(28)S4b, 12.0(28)S4c, 12.0(28)S5, 12.0(28)S5a, 12.0(28)S5b, 12.0(28)S5c, 12.0(28)S5d, 12.0(28)S6, 12.0(28)S6a, 12.0(29)S, 12.0(29)S1, 12.0(30)S, 12.0(30)S1, 12.0(30)S2, 12.0(30)S2a, 12.0(30)S2m, 12.0(30)S2n, 12.0(30)S3, 12.0(30)S3a, 12.0(30)S3b, 12.0(30)S3c, 12.0(30)S3d, 12.0(30)S3s, 12.0(30)S3t, 12.0(30)S4, 12.0(30)S4a, 12.0(30)S4b, 12.0(30)S5, 12.0(31)S, 12.0(31)S0a, 12.0(31)S0b, 12.0(31)S1, 12.0(31)S1a, 12.0(31)S1b, 12.0(31)S1c, 12.0(31)S1d, 12.0(31)S2, 12.0(31)S2a, 12.0(31)S2b, 12.0(31)S2c, 12.0(31)S2d, 12.0(31)S2s, 12.0(31)S2t, 12.0(31)S2u, 12.0(31)S2v, 12.0(31)S3, 12.0(31)S3a, 12.0(31)S3b, 12.0(31)S3c, 12.0(31)S4, 12.0(31)S4a, 12.0(31)S4b, 12.0(31)S4c, 12.0(31)S5, 12.0(31)S5a, 12.0(31)S5b, 12.0(31)S5c, 12.0(31)S6, 12.0(32)S, 12.0(32)S1, 12.0(32)S1a, 12.0(32)S1b, 12.0(32)S2, 12.0(32)S3, 12.0(32)S3a, 12.0(32)S4, 12.0(32)S4b | 12.0SC 12.0(6)SC, 12.0(8)SC, 12.0(8)SC1, 12.0(9)SC, 12.0(10)SC, 12.0(10)SC1, 12.0(11)SC, 12.0(12)SC, 12.0(13)SC, 12.0(14)SC, 12.0(15)SC, 12.0(15)SC1, 12.0(16)SC, 12.0(16)SC1, 12.0(16)SC2, 12.0(16)SC3 | 12.0SL 12.0(9)SL, 12.0(9)SL1, 12.0(9)SL2, 12.0(10)SL, 12.0(11)SL, 12.0(11)SL1, 12.0(14)SL, 12.0(14)SL1, 12.0(15)SL, 12.0(17)SL, 12.0(17)SL1, 12.0(17)SL2, 12.0(17)SL3, 12.0(17)SL4, 12.0(17)SL5, 12.0(17)SL6, 12.0(17)SL7, 12.0(17)SL8, 12.0(17)SL9, 12.0(19)SL, 12.0(19)SL1, 12.0(19)SL2, 12.0(19)SL3, 12.0(19)SL4 | 12.0SP 12.0(19)SP, 12.0(20)SP, 12.0(20)SP1, 12.0(20)SP2, 12.0(21)SP, 12.0(21)SP1, 12.0(21)SP2, 12.0(21)SP3, 12.0(21)SP4 | 12.0ST 12.0(9)ST, 12.0(10)ST, 12.0(10)ST1, 12.0(10)ST2, 12.0(11)ST, 12.0(11)ST1, 12.0(11)ST2, 12.0(11)ST3, 12.0(11)ST4, 12.0(14)ST, 12.0(14)ST1, 12.0(14)ST2, 12.0(14)ST3, 12.0(16)ST, 12.0(16)ST1, 12.0(17)ST, 12.0(17)ST1, 12.0(17)ST10, 12.0(17)ST2, 12.0(17)ST3, 12.0(17)ST4, 12.0(17)ST5, 12.0(17)ST6, 12.0(17)ST7, 12.0(17)ST8, 12.0(17)ST9, 12.0(18)ST, 12.0(18)ST1, 12.0(19)ST, 12.0(19)ST1, 12.0(19)ST2, 12.0(19)ST3, 12.0(19)ST4, 12.0(19)ST5, 12.0(19)ST6, 12.0(20)ST, 12.0(20)ST1, 12.0(20)ST2, 12.0(20)ST3, 12.0(20)ST4, 12.0(20)ST5, 12.0(20)ST6, 12.0(21)ST, 12.0(21)ST1, 12.0(21)ST2, 12.0(21)ST2a, 12.0(21)ST2b, 12.0(21)ST3, 12.0(21)ST3a, 12.0(21)ST4, 12.0(21)ST5, 12.0(21)ST6, 12.0(21)ST6a, 12.0(21)ST7 | 12.0SV 12.0(27)SV, 12.0(27)SV1, 12.0(27)SV2, 12.0(27)SV3, 12.0(27)SV4, 12.0(28)SV, 12.0(30)SV1, 12.0(31)SV, 12.0(31)SV2 | 12.0SW 12.0(28)SW, 12.0(28)SW1, 12.0(30)SW | 12.0SX 12.0(10)SX, 12.0(21)SX, 12.0(21)SX1, 12.0(23)SX, 12.0(23)SX1, 12.0(23)SX2, 12.0(23)SX3, 12.0(23)SX4, 12.0(23)SX5, 12.0(24)SX, 12.0(25)SX, 12.0(25)SX1, 12.0(25)SX10, 12.0(25)SX2, 12.0(25)SX3, 12.0(25)SX4, 12.0(25)SX5, 12.0(25)SX6, 12.0(25)SX6a, 12.0(25)SX6b, 12.0(25)SX6c, 12.0(25)SX6d, 12.0(25)SX6e, 12.0(25)SX6f, 12.0(25)SX6g, 12.0(25)SX7, 12.0(25)SX8, 12.0(25)SX9, 12.0(30)SX | 12.0SY 12.0(22)SY, 12.0(27)SY, 12.0(32)SY, 12.0(32)SY0c, 12.0(32)SY0e | 12.0SYA 12.0(32)SYA | 12.0SZ 12.0(21)SZ, 12.0(23)SZ, 12.0(23)SZ2, 12.0(23)SZ3, 12.0(26)SZ, 12.0(27)SZ, 12.0(30)SZ, 12.0(30)SZ1, 12.0(31)SZ2 | 12.0T 12.0(3)T, 12.0(3)T1, 12.0(3)T2, 12.0(3)T3, 12.0(4)T, 12.0(4)T1, 12.0(5)T, 12.0(5)T1, 12.0(5)T2, 12.0(7)T, 12.0(7)T2, 12.0(7)T3 | 12.0WC 12.0(5)WC10, 12.0(5)WC11, 12.0(5)WC12, 12.0(5)WC13, 12.0(5)WC14, 12.0(5)WC15, 12.0(5)WC3a, 12.0(5)WC4, 12.0(5)WC4a, 12.0(5)WC5, 12.0(5)WC5a, 12.0(5)WC6, 12.0(5)WC7, 12.0(5)WC8, 12.0(5)WC9, 12.0(5)WC9a | 12.0XE 12.0(3)XE, 12.0(3)XE1, 12.0(3)XE2, 12.0(4)XE, 12.0(4)XE2, 12.0(5)XE, 12.0(5)XE1, 12.0(5)XE2, 12.0(5)XE3, 12.0(5)XE4, 12.0(5)XE5, 12.0(5)XE6, 12.0(5)XE7, 12.0(5)XE8, 12.0(7)XE1, 12.0(7)XE2 | 12.0XF 12.0(7)XF1 | 12.0XG 12.0(3)XG | 12.0XH 12.0(2)XH, 12.0(4)XH, 12.0(4)XH1, 12.0(4)XH3, 12.0(4)XH4 | 12.0XI 12.0(4)XI, 12.0(4)XI1 | 12.0XJ 12.0(4)XJ, 12.0(4)XJ1, 12.0(4)XJ2, 12.0(4)XJ3, 12.0(4)XJ4, 12.0(4)XJ5, 12.0(4)XJ6 | 12.0XK 12.0(5)XK, 12.0(5)XK1, 12.0(5)XK2, 12.0(7)XK, 12.0(7)XK1, 12.0(7)XK2, 12.0(7)XK3 | 12.0XL 12.0(4)XL, 12.0(4)XL1 | 12.0XM 12.0(4)XM, 12.0(4)XM1 | 12.0XN 12.0(5)XN | 12.0XQ 12.0(5)XQ, 12.0(5)XQ1 | 12.0XR 12.0(7)XR1, 12.0(7)XR2, 12.0(7)XR3, 12.0(7)XR4 | 12.0XS 12.0(5)XS1, 12.0(5)XS2 | 12.0XT 12.0(5)XT1 | 12.0XV 12.0(7)XV | 12.1 12.1(1), 12.1(1a), 12.1(1b), 12.1(1c), 12.1(2), 12.1(2a), 12.1(2b), 12.1(3), 12.1(3b), 12.1(4a), 12.1(4b), 12.1(4c), 12.1(5), 12.1(5a), 12.1(5b), 12.1(5c), 12.1(5d), 12.1(5e), 12.1(6), 12.1(6a), 12.1(6b), 12.1(7), 12.1(7a), 12.1(7b), 12.1(7c), 12.1(8), 12.1(8a), 12.1(8b), 12.1(8c), 12.1(9), 12.1(9a), 12.1(10), 12.1(10a), 12.1(11), 12.1(11a), 12.1(11b), 12.1(12), 12.1(12a), 12.1(12b), 12.1(12c), 12.1(12d), 12.1(13), 12.1(13a), 12.1(14), 12.1(15), 12.1(16), 12.1(17), 12.1(17a), 12.1(18), 12.1(19), 12.1(20), 12.1(20a), 12.1(21), 12.1(22), 12.1(22a), 12.1(22b), 12.1(22c), 12.1(24), 12.1(25), 12.1(26), 12.1(27), 12.1(27a), 12.1(27b) | 12.1AA 12.1(1)AA, 12.1(1)AA1, 12.1(2a)AA, 12.1(3)AA, 12.1(4)AA, 12.1(5)AA, 12.1(6)AA, 12.1(7)AA, 12.1(8)AA, 12.1(8)AA1, 12.1(10)AA | 12.1AX 12.1(11)AX, 12.1(14)AX, 12.1(14)AX1, 12.1(14)AX2, 12.1(14)AX3, 12.1(14)AX4 | 12.1AY 12.1(13)AY, 12.1(14)AY1, 12.1(14)AY2, 12.1(14)AY3, 12.1(14)AY4, 12.1(22)AY, 12.1(22)AY1, 12.1(22)AY2 | 12.1AZ 12.1(14)AZ | 12.1CX 12.1(4)CX | 12.1DA 12.1(1)DA, 12.1(1)DA1, 12.1(2)DA, 12.1(3)DA, 12.1(4)DA, 12.1(5)DA, 12.1(5)DA1, 12.1(6)DA, 12.1(6)DA1, 12.1(7)DA, 12.1(7)DA1, 12.1(7)DA2, 12.1(7)DA3 | 12.1DB 12.1(1)DB, 12.1(1)DB2, 12.1(3)DB, 12.1(3)DB1, 12.1(4)DB1, 12.1(5)DB, 12.1(5)DB1, 12.1(5)DB2 | 12.1DC 12.1(1)DC, 12.1(1)DC1, 12.1(1)DC2, 12.1(3)DC, 12.1(3)DC1, 12.1(3)DC2, 12.1(4)DC2, 12.1(4)DC3, 12.1(5)DC, 12.1(5)DC1, 12.1(5)DC2, 12.1(5)DC3 | 12.1E 12.1(1)E, 12.1(1)E1, 12.1(1)E3, 12.1(1)E4, 12.1(1)E5, 12.1(1)E6, 12.1(2)E, 12.1(2)E1, 12.1(2)E2, 12.1(3a)E, 12.1(3a)E1, 12.1(3a)E3, 12.1(3a)E4, 12.1(3a)E5, 12.1(3a)E6, 12.1(3a)E7, 12.1(3a)E8, 12.1(4)E, 12.1(4)E1, 12.1(4)E2, 12.1(4)E3, 12.1(5a)E, 12.1(5a)E1, 12.1(5a)E2, 12.1(5a)E3, 12.1(5a)E4, 12.1(5b)E7, 12.1(5c)E10, 12.1(5c)E12, 12.1(5c)E8, 12.1(5c)E9, 12.1(6)E, 12.1(6)E1, 12.1(6)E12, 12.1(6)E13, 12.1(6)E2, 12.1(6)E8, 12.1(7)E, 12.1(7)E0a, 12.1(7a)E1, 12.1(7a)E1a, 12.1(7a)E2, 12.1(7a)E3, 12.1(7a)E4, 12.1(7a)E5, 12.1(7a)E6, 12.1(8a)E, 12.1(8a)E1, 12.1(8a)E2, 12.1(8a)E4, 12.1(8a)E5, 12.1(8b)E10, 12.1(8b)E11, 12.1(8b)E12, 12.1(8b)E14, 12.1(8b)E15, 12.1(8b)E16, 12.1(8b)E18, 12.1(8b)E19, 12.1(8b)E20, 12.1(8b)E6, 12.1(8b)E7, 12.1(8b)E8, 12.1(8b)E9, 12.1(9)E, 12.1(9)E2, 12.1(9)E3, 12.1(10)E, 12.1(10)E1, 12.1(10)E2, 12.1(10)E3, 12.1(10)E4, 12.1(10)E5, 12.1(10)E6, 12.1(10)E6a, 12.1(10)E7, 12.1(10)E8, 12.1(11b)E, 12.1(11b)E0a, 12.1(11b)E1, 12.1(11b)E11, 12.1(11b)E12, 12.1(11b)E14, 12.1(11b)E2, 12.1(11b)E3, 12.1(11b)E4, 12.1(11b)E5, 12.1(11b)E6, 12.1(11b)E7, 12.1(11b)E8, 12.1(12c)E, 12.1(12c)E1, 12.1(12c)E2, 12.1(12c)E3, 12.1(12c)E4, 12.1(12c)E5, 12.1(12c)E6, 12.1(12c)E7, 12.1(13)E, 12.1(13)E1, 12.1(13)E10, 12.1(13)E11, 12.1(13)E12, 12.1(13)E13, 12.1(13)E14, 12.1(13)E15, 12.1(13)E16, 12.1(13)E17, 12.1(13)E2, 12.1(13)E3, 12.1(13)E4, 12.1(13)E5, 12.1(13)E6, 12.1(13)E7, 12.1(13)E8, 12.1(13)E9, 12.1(14)E, 12.1(14)E1, 12.1(14)E10, 12.1(14)E2, 12.1(14)E3, 12.1(14)E4, 12.1(14)E5, 12.1(14)E6, 12.1(14)E7, 12.1(14)E8, 12.1(19)E, 12.1(19)E1, 12.1(19)E1a, 12.1(19)E2, 12.1(19)E3, 12.1(19)E4, 12.1(19)E6, 12.1(19)E7, 12.1(20)E, 12.1(20)E1, 12.1(20)E2, 12.1(20)E3, 12.1(20)E4, 12.1(20)E5, 12.1(20)E6, 12.1(22)E, 12.1(22)E1, 12.1(22)E2, 12.1(22)E3, 12.1(22)E4, 12.1(22)E5, 12.1(22)E6, 12.1(23)E, 12.1(23)E1, 12.1(23)E2, 12.1(23)E3, 12.1(23)E4, 12.1(26)E, 12.1(26)E1, 12.1(26)E2, 12.1(26)E3, 12.1(26)E4, 12.1(26)E5, 12.1(26)E6, 12.1(26)E7, 12.1(27b)E | 12.1EA 12.1(6)EA1, 12.1(8)EA1c, 12.1(9)EA1, 12.1(11)EA1, 12.1(11)EA1a, 12.1(12c)EA1, 12.1(13)EA1, 12.1(13)EA1a, 12.1(13)EA1b, 12.1(13)EA1c, 12.1(14)EA1, 12.1(14)EA1a, 12.1(14)EA1b, 12.1(19)EA1, 12.1(19)EA1a, 12.1(19)EA1b, 12.1(19)EA1c, 12.1(19)EA1d, 12.1(20)EA1, 12.1(20)EA1a, 12.1(20)EA2, 12.1(22)EA1, 12.1(22)EA1a, 12.1(22)EA1b, 12.1(22)EA2, 12.1(22)EA3, 12.1(22)EA4, 12.1(22)EA4a, 12.1(22)EA5, 12.1(22)EA5a, 12.1(22)EA6, 12.1(22)EA6a, 12.1(22)EA7, 12.1(22)EA8, 12.1(22)EA8a, 12.1(22)EA9 | 12.1EB 12.1(13)EB, 12.1(13)EB1, 12.1(14)EB, 12.1(14)EB1, 12.1(19)EB, 12.1(20)EB, 12.1(22)EB, 12.1(23)EB, 12.1(26)EB, 12.1(26)EB1 | 12.1EC 12.1(2)EC, 12.1(2)EC1, 12.1(3a)EC, 12.1(3a)EC1, 12.1(4)EC, 12.1(5)EC, 12.1(5)EC1, 12.1(6)EC, 12.1(6)EC1, 12.1(7)EC, 12.1(8)EC, 12.1(8)EC1, 12.1(9)EC1, 12.1(10)EC, 12.1(10)EC1, 12.1(11b)EC, 12.1(11b)EC1, 12.1(12c)EC, 12.1(12c)EC1, 12.1(13)EC, 12.1(13)EC1, 12.1(13)EC2, 12.1(13)EC3, 12.1(13)EC4, 12.1(19)EC, 12.1(19)EC1, 12.1(20)EC, 12.1(20)EC1, 12.1(20)EC2, 12.1(20)EC3, 12.1(22)EC, 12.1(22)EC1 | 12.1EO 12.1(14)EO, 12.1(14)EO1, 12.1(19)EO, 12.1(19)EO1, 12.1(19)EO2, 12.1(19)EO3, 12.1(19)EO4, 12.1(19)EO5, 12.1(20)EO, 12.1(20)EO1, 12.1(20)EO2, 12.1(20)EO3 | 12.1EU 12.1(20)EU, 12.1(20)EU1 | 12.1EV 12.1(10)EV, 12.1(10)EV1, 12.1(10)EV1a, 12.1(10)EV1b, 12.1(10)EV2, 12.1(10)EV3, 12.1(10)EV4, 12.1(12c)EV, 12.1(12c)EV1, 12.1(12c)EV2, 12.1(12c)EV3 | 12.1EW 12.1(8a)EW, 12.1(8a)EW1, 12.1(11b)EW, 12.1(11b)EW1, 12.1(12c)EW, 12.1(12c)EW1, 12.1(12c)EW2, 12.1(12c)EW3, 12.1(12c)EW4, 12.1(13)EW, 12.1(13)EW1, 12.1(13)EW2, 12.1(13)EW3, 12.1(13)EW4, 12.1(19)EW, 12.1(19)EW1, 12.1(19)EW2, 12.1(19)EW3, 12.1(20)EW, 12.1(20)EW1, 12.1(20)EW2, 12.1(20)EW3, 12.1(20)EW4 | 12.1EX 12.1(1)EX, 12.1(1)EX1, 12.1(5c)EX3, 12.1(8a)EX, 12.1(8a)EX1, 12.1(8b)EX2, 12.1(8b)EX3, 12.1(8b)EX5, 12.1(9)EX, 12.1(9)EX1, 12.1(9)EX2, 12.1(9)EX3, 12.1(10)EX, 12.1(10)EX1, 12.1(10)EX2, 12.1(11b)EX, 12.1(11b)EX1, 12.1(12c)EX, 12.1(12c)EX1, 12.1(13)EX, 12.1(13)EX1, 12.1(13)EX2, 12.1(13)EX3 | 12.1EY 12.1(5)EY, 12.1(5)EY1, 12.1(5)EY2, 12.1(6)EY, 12.1(6)EY1, 12.1(7a)EY, 12.1(7a)EY1, 12.1(7a)EY2, 12.1(7a)EY3, 12.1(10)EY, 12.1(12c)EY | 12.1EZ 12.1(6)EZ, 12.1(6)EZ1, 12.1(6)EZ2, 12.1(6)EZ3, 12.1(6)EZ4, 12.1(6)EZ5, 12.1(6)EZ6, 12.1(6)EZ7, 12.1(6)EZ8 | 12.1GA 12.1(1)GA, 12.1(1)GA1 | 12.1GB 12.1(2)GB | 12.1T 12.1(1)T, 12.1(1a)T1, 12.1(2)T, 12.1(2a)T1, 12.1(2a)T2, 12.1(3)T, 12.1(3a)T1, 12.1(3a)T2, 12.1(3a)T3, 12.1(3a)T4, 12.1(3a)T5, 12.1(3a)T6, 12.1(3a)T7, 12.1(3a)T8, 12.1(5)T, 12.1(5)T1, 12.1(5)T10, 12.1(5)T11, 12.1(5)T12, 12.1(5)T13, 12.1(5)T14, 12.1(5)T15, 12.1(5)T17, 12.1(5)T18, 12.1(5)T19, 12.1(5)T2, 12.1(5)T20, 12.1(5)T3, 12.1(5)T4, 12.1(5)T5, 12.1(5)T6, 12.1(5)T7, 12.1(5)T8, 12.1(5)T8a, 12.1(5)T8b, 12.1(5)T8c, 12.1(5)T9 | 12.1XA 12.1(1)XA, 12.1(1)XA2, 12.1(1)XA3, 12.1(1)XA4 | 12.1XB 12.1(1)XB | 12.1XC 12.1(1)XC1 | 12.1XD 12.1(1)XD, 12.1(1)XD1, 12.1(1)XD2 | 12.1XE 12.1(1)XE, 12.1(1)XE1 | 12.1XF 12.1(2)XF, 12.1(2)XF1, 12.1(2)XF2, 12.1(2)XF3, 12.1(2)XF4, 12.1(2)XF5 | 12.1XG 12.1(3)XG, 12.1(3)XG1, 12.1(3)XG2, 12.1(3)XG3, 12.1(3)XG4, 12.1(3)XG5, 12.1(3)XG6 | 12.1XH 12.1(2a)XH, 12.1(2a)XH1, 12.1(2a)XH2, 12.1(2a)XH3 | 12.1XI 12.1(3)XI, 12.1(3a)XI1, 12.1(3a)XI2, 12.1(3a)XI3, 12.1(3a)XI4, 12.1(3a)XI5, 12.1(3a)XI6, 12.1(3a)XI7, 12.1(3a)XI8, 12.1(3a)XI9 | 12.1XJ 12.1(3)XJ | 12.1XL 12.1(3)XL, 12.1(3a)XL1, 12.1(3a)XL2, 12.1(3a)XL3 | 12.1XM 12.1(5)XM, 12.1(5)XM1, 12.1(5)XM2, 12.1(5)XM3, 12.1(5)XM4, 12.1(5)XM5, 12.1(5)XM6, 12.1(5)XM7, 12.1(5)XM8 | 12.1XP 12.1(3)XP, 12.1(3)XP1, 12.1(3)XP2, 12.1(3)XP3, 12.1(3)XP4 | 12.1XQ 12.1(3)XQ, 12.1(3)XQ1, 12.1(3)XQ2, 12.1(3)XQ3 | 12.1XR 12.1(5)XR, 12.1(5)XR1, 12.1(5)XR2 | 12.1XS 12.1(3)XS, 12.1(5)XS, 12.1(5)XS1, 12.1(5)XS2, 12.1(5)XS3, 12.1(5)XS4, 12.1(5)XS5 | 12.1XT 12.1(2)XT2, 12.1(3)XT, 12.1(3)XT1, 12.1(3)XT2 | 12.1XU 12.1(5)XU, 12.1(5)XU1 | 12.1XV 12.1(5)XV, 12.1(5)XV1, 12.1(5)XV2, 12.1(5)XV4 | 12.1XW 12.1(3)XW, 12.1(3)XW1, 12.1(3)XW2 | 12.1XX 12.1(5)XX, 12.1(5)XX1, 12.1(5)XX2, 12.1(5)XX3 | 12.1XY 12.1(4)XY1, 12.1(4)XY3, 12.1(4)XY4, 12.1(4)XY5, 12.1(4)XY6, 12.1(4)XY7, 12.1(4)XY8 | 12.1XZ 12.1(4)XZ, 12.1(4)XZ1, 12.1(4)XZ2, 12.1(4)XZ3, 12.1(4)XZ4, 12.1(4)XZ5, 12.1(4)XZ6, 12.1(4)XZ7 | 12.1YA 12.1(5)YA, 12.1(5)YA1, 12.1(5)YA2 | 12.1YB 12.1(5)YB, 12.1(5)YB1, 12.1(5)YB3, 12.1(5)YB4, 12.1(5)YB5 | 12.1YC 12.1(5)YC, 12.1(5)YC1, 12.1(5)YC2, 12.1(5)YC3 | 12.1YD 12.1(5)YD, 12.1(5)YD1, 12.1(5)YD2, 12.1(5)YD3, 12.1(5)YD4, 12.1(5)YD5, 12.1(5)YD6 | 12.1YE 12.1(5)YE1, 12.1(5)YE2, 12.1(5)YE3, 12.1(5)YE4, 12.1(5)YE5 | 12.1YF 12.1(5)YF, 12.1(5)YF1, 12.1(5)YF2, 12.1(5)YF3, 12.1(5)YF4 | 12.1YH 12.1(5)YH, 12.1(5)YH1, 12.1(5)YH2, 12.1(5)YH3, 12.1(5)YH4 | 12.1YI 12.1(5)YI, 12.1(5)YI1, 12.1(5)YI2 | 12.1YJ 12.1(11)YJ, 12.1(11)YJ2, 12.1(11)YJ3, 12.1(11)YJ4 | 12.2 12.2(1), 12.2(1a), 12.2(1b), 12.2(1c), 12.2(1d), 12.2(3), 12.2(3a), 12.2(3b), 12.2(3c), 12.2(3d), 12.2(3e), 12.2(3f), 12.2(3g), 12.2(5), 12.2(5a), 12.2(5b), 12.2(5c), 12.2(5d), 12.2(6), 12.2(6a), 12.2(6b), 12.2(6c), 12.2(6d), 12.2(6e), 12.2(6f), 12.2(6g), 12.2(6h), 12.2(6i), 12.2(6j), 12.2(7), 12.2(7a), 12.2(7b), 12.2(7c), 12.2(7d), 12.2(7e), 12.2(7f), 12.2(7g), 12.2(10), 12.2(10a), 12.2(10b), 12.2(10c), 12.2(10d), 12.2(10g), 12.2(12), 12.2(12a), 12.2(12b), 12.2(12c), 12.2(12d), 12.2(12e), 12.2(12f), 12.2(12g), 12.2(12h), 12.2(12i), 12.2(12j), 12.2(12k), 12.2(12l), 12.2(12m), 12.2(13), 12.2(13a), 12.2(13b), 12.2(13c), 12.2(13e), 12.2(16), 12.2(16a), 12.2(16b), 12.2(16c), 12.2(16f), 12.2(17), 12.2(17a), 12.2(17b), 12.2(17d), 12.2(17e), 12.2(17f), 12.2(19), 12.2(19a), 12.2(19b), 12.2(19c), 12.2(21), 12.2(21a), 12.2(21b), 12.2(23), 12.2(23a), 12.2(23b), 12.2(23c), 12.2(23d), 12.2(23e), 12.2(23f), 12.2(24), 12.2(24a), 12.2(24b), 12.2(26), 12.2(26a), 12.2(26b), 12.2(27), 12.2(27a), 12.2(27b), 12.2(28), 12.2(28a), 12.2(28b), 12.2(28c), 12.2(29), 12.2(29a), 12.2(31), 12.2(32), 12.2(34), 12.2(34a), 12.2(37) | 12.2B 12.2(2)B, 12.2(2)B1, 12.2(2)B2, 12.2(2)B3, 12.2(2)B4, 12.2(2)B5, 12.2(2)B6, 12.2(2)B7, 12.2(4)B, 12.2(4)B1, 12.2(4)B2, 12.2(4)B3, 12.2(4)B4, 12.2(4)B5, 12.2(4)B6, 12.2(4)B7, 12.2(4)B7a, 12.2(4)B8, 12.2(8)B, 12.2(8)B1, 12.2(8)B2, 12.2(15)B, 12.2(15)B1, 12.2(16)B, 12.2(16)B1, 12.2(16)B2, 12.2(16)B3 | 12.2BC 12.2(4)BC1, 12.2(4)BC1a, 12.2(4)BC1b, 12.2(8)BC1, 12.2(8)BC2, 12.2(8)BC2a, 12.2(11)BC1, 12.2(11)BC1a, 12.2(11)BC1b, 12.2(11)BC2, 12.2(11)BC2a, 12.2(11)BC3, 12.2(11)BC3a, 12.2(11)BC3b, 12.2(11)BC3c, 12.2(11)BC3d, 12.2(15)BC1, 12.2(15)BC1a, 12.2(15)BC1b, 12.2(15)BC1c, 12.2(15)BC1d, 12.2(15)BC1e, 12.2(15)BC1f, 12.2(15)BC1g, 12.2(15)BC2, 12.2(15)BC2a, 12.2(15)BC2b, 12.2(15)BC2c, 12.2(15)BC2d, 12.2(15)BC2e, 12.2(15)BC2f, 12.2(15)BC2g, 12.2(15)BC2h, 12.2(15)BC2i | 12.2BW 12.2(4)BW, 12.2(4)BW1, 12.2(4)BW1a, 12.2(4)BW2 | 12.2BX 12.2(2)BX, 12.2(2)BX1, 12.2(2)BX2, 12.2(4)BX, 12.2(4)BX1, 12.2(4)BX1a, 12.2(4)BX1b, 12.2(4)BX1c, 12.2(4)BX1d, 12.2(4)BX2, 12.2(15)BX, 12.2(16)BX, 12.2(16)BX1, 12.2(16)BX2, 12.2(16)BX3 | 12.2BY 12.2(2)BY, 12.2(2)BY1, 12.2(2)BY2, 12.2(2)BY3, 12.2(4)BY, 12.2(4)BY1, 12.2(8)BY, 12.2(8)BY1, 12.2(8)BY2 | 12.2BZ 12.2(4)BZ, 12.2(4)BZ1, 12.2(4)BZ2, 12.2(8)BZ, 12.2(15)BZ, 12.2(15)BZ1, 12.2(15)BZ2 | 12.2CX 12.2(11)CX, 12.2(11)CX1, 12.2(15)CX, 12.2(15)CX1 | 12.2CY 12.2(11)CY | 12.2DA 12.2(1b)DA, 12.2(1b)DA1, 12.2(5)DA, 12.2(5)DA1, 12.2(7)DA, 12.2(10)DA, 12.2(10)DA1, 12.2(10)DA2, 12.2(10)DA3, 12.2(10)DA5, 12.2(12)DA, 12.2(12)DA1, 12.2(12)DA10, 12.2(12)DA2, 12.2(12)DA3, 12.2(12)DA4, 12.2(12)DA5, 12.2(12)DA6, 12.2(12)DA7, 12.2(12)DA8, 12.2(12)DA9 | 12.2DD 12.2(2)DD, 12.2(2)DD1, 12.2(2)DD2, 12.2(2)DD3, 12.2(2)DD4 | 12.2DX 12.2(1)DX, 12.2(1)DX1, 12.2(2)DX, 12.2(2)DX1, 12.2(2)DX2, 12.2(2)DX3 | 12.2EU 12.2(20)EU, 12.2(20)EU1, 12.2(20)EU2 | 12.2EW 12.2(18)EW, 12.2(18)EW1, 12.2(18)EW2, 12.2(18)EW3, 12.2(18)EW4, 12.2(18)EW5, 12.2(18)EW6, 12.2(20)EW, 12.2(20)EW1, 12.2(20)EW2, 12.2(20)EW3, 12.2(25)EW | 12.2EWA 12.2(20)EWA, 12.2(20)EWA1, 12.2(20)EWA2, 12.2(25)EWA, 12.2(25)EWA1, 12.2(25)EWA2, 12.2(25)EWA3, 12.2(25)EWA4, 12.2(25)EWA5, 12.2(25)EWA6 | 12.2EX 12.2(20)EX, 12.2(25)EX, 12.2(25)EX1 | 12.2EY 12.2(25)EY, 12.2(25)EY1, 12.2(25)EY2, 12.2(25)EY3, 12.2(25)EY4 | 12.2EZ 12.2(25)EZ, 12.2(25)EZ1 | 12.2FX 12.2(25)FX | 12.2FY 12.2(25)FY | 12.2FZ 12.2(25)FZ | 12.2IXA 12.2(18)IXA | 12.2JA 12.2(4)JA, 12.2(4)JA1, 12.2(8)JA, 12.2(11)JA, 12.2(11)JA1, 12.2(11)JA2, 12.2(11)JA3, 12.2(13)JA, 12.2(13)JA1, 12.2(13)JA2, 12.2(13)JA3, 12.2(13)JA4, 12.2(15)JA | 12.2JK 12.2(15)JK, 12.2(15)JK1, 12.2(15)JK2, 12.2(15)JK3, 12.2(15)JK4, 12.2(15)JK5 | 12.2M 12.2(1)M0, 12.2(6c)M1, 12.2(12b)M1, 12.2(12h)M1, 12.2(13b)M1, 12.2(13b)M2, 12.2(23c)M0 | 12.2MB 12.2(1)MB1, 12.2(4)MB1, 12.2(4)MB10, 12.2(4)MB11, 12.2(4)MB12, 12.2(4)MB13, 12.2(4)MB13a, 12.2(4)MB13b, 12.2(4)MB13c, 12.2(4)MB2, 12.2(4)MB3, 12.2(4)MB4, 12.2(4)MB5, 12.2(4)MB6, 12.2(4)MB7, 12.2(4)MB8, 12.2(4)MB9, 12.2(4)MB9a | 12.2MC 12.2(8)MC1, 12.2(8)MC2, 12.2(8)MC2a, 12.2(8)MC2b, 12.2(8)MC2c, 12.2(8)MC2d, 12.2(15)MC1, 12.2(15)MC1a, 12.2(15)MC1b, 12.2(15)MC1c, 12.2(15)MC2, 12.2(15)MC2a, 12.2(15)MC2b, 12.2(15)MC2c, 12.2(15)MC2e, 12.2(15)MC2f, 12.2(15)MC2g | 12.2MX 12.2(4)MX, 12.2(4)MX1, 12.2(4)MX2 | 12.2S 12.2(9)S, 12.2(11)S, 12.2(11)S1, 12.2(11)S2, 12.2(11)S3, 12.2(14)S, 12.2(14)S1, 12.2(14)S10, 12.2(14)S11, 12.2(14)S11a, 12.2(14)S12, 12.2(14)S13, 12.2(14)S14, 12.2(14)S15, 12.2(14)S16, 12.2(14)S17, 12.2(14)S2, 12.2(14)S3, 12.2(14)S4, 12.2(14)S5, 12.2(14)S6, 12.2(14)S7, 12.2(14)S8, 12.2(14)S9, 12.2(14)S9a, 12.2(18)S, 12.2(18)S1, 12.2(18)S10, 12.2(18)S11, 12.2(18)S12, 12.2(18)S2, 12.2(18)S3, 12.2(18)S4, 12.2(18)S5, 12.2(18)S6, 12.2(18)S7, 12.2(18)S8, 12.2(18)S9, 12.2(20)S, 12.2(20)S1, 12.2(20)S10, 12.2(20)S11, 12.2(20)S12, 12.2(20)S2, 12.2(20)S2a, 12.2(20)S3, 12.2(20)S4, 12.2(20)S4a, 12.2(20)S5, 12.2(20)S6, 12.2(20)S6a, 12.2(20)S7, 12.2(20)S8, 12.2(20)S9, 12.2(22)S, 12.2(22)S1, 12.2(22)S2, 12.2(25)S, 12.2(25)S1, 12.2(25)S10, 12.2(25)S2, 12.2(25)S3, 12.2(25)S4, 12.2(25)S5, 12.2(25)S6, 12.2(25)S7, 12.2(25)S8, 12.2(25)S9, 12.2(30)S, 12.2(30)S1 | 12.2SB 12.2(28)SB, 12.2(28)SB1, 12.2(28)SB2, 12.2(28)SB3, 12.2(31)SB | 12.2SBA 12.2(27)SBA2, 12.2(27)SBA4, 12.2(27)SBA5, 12.2(27)SBA6 | 12.2SBB 12.2(27)SBB, 12.2(27)SBB1, 12.2(27)SBB2, 12.2(27)SBB2a, 12.2(27)SBB3, 12.2(27)SBB4, 12.2(27)SBB4a, 12.2(27)SBB5, 12.2(27)SBB6, 12.2(27)SBB6a | 12.2SBC 12.2(27)SBC, 12.2(27)SBC1, 12.2(27)SBC2, 12.2(27)SBC3, 12.2(27)SBC4, 12.2(27)SBC5 | 12.2SE 12.2(18)SE, 12.2(18)SE1, 12.2(20)SE, 12.2(20)SE1, 12.2(20)SE3, 12.2(20)SE4, 12.2(25)SE, 12.2(25)SE2, 12.2(25)SE3 | 12.2SEA 12.2(25)SEA | 12.2SEB 12.2(25)SEB, 12.2(25)SEB1, 12.2(25)SEB2, 12.2(25)SEB3, 12.2(25)SEB4 | 12.2SEC 12.2(25)SEC, 12.2(25)SEC1, 12.2(25)SEC2 | 12.2SED 12.2(25)SED, 12.2(25)SED1 | 12.2SEE 12.2(25)SEE, 12.2(25)SEE1, 12.2(25)SEE2 | 12.2SEF 12.2(25)SEF, 12.2(25)SEF1 | 12.2SEG 12.2(25)SEG, 12.2(25)SEG1 | 12.2SG 12.2(25)SG, 12.2(31)SG | 12.2SM 12.2(29)SM, 12.2(29)SM1 | 12.2SO 12.2(18)SO, 12.2(18)SO1, 12.2(18)SO2, 12.2(18)SO3, 12.2(18)SO4, 12.2(18)SO5, 12.2(18)SO6 | 12.2SRA 12.2(33)SRA | 12.2SV 12.2(18)SV, 12.2(18)SV1, 12.2(18)SV2, 12.2(18)SV3, 12.2(22)SV, 12.2(22)SV1, 12.2(23)SV, 12.2(23)SV1, 12.2(24)SV, 12.2(24)SV1, 12.2(25)SV, 12.2(25)SV2, 12.2(25)SV3, 12.2(26)SV, 12.2(26)SV1, 12.2(27)SV, 12.2(27)SV1, 12.2(27)SV2, 12.2(27)SV3, 12.2(27)SV4, 12.2(28)SV, 12.2(29)SV, 12.2(29)SV1, 12.2(29)SV2, 12.2(29a)SV | 12.2SW 12.2(18)SW, 12.2(19)SW, 12.2(20)SW, 12.2(21)SW, 12.2(21)SW1, 12.2(23)SW, 12.2(23)SW1, 12.2(25)SW1, 12.2(25)SW2, 12.2(25)SW3, 12.2(25)SW3a, 12.2(25)SW4, 12.2(25)SW4a, 12.2(25)SW5 | 12.2SX 12.2(14)SX, 12.2(14)SX1, 12.2(14)SX1a, 12.2(14)SX2, 12.2(17a)SX, 12.2(17a)SX1, 12.2(17a)SX2, 12.2(17a)SX3, 12.2(17a)SX4, 12.2(99)SX1003, 12.2(99)SX1006, 12.2(99)SX1010, 12.2(99)SX1012, 12.2(99)SX1017 | 12.2SXA 12.2(17b)SXA, 12.2(17b)SXA1, 12.2(17b)SXA2 | 12.2SXB 12.2(17d)SXB, 12.2(17d)SXB1, 12.2(17d)SXB10, 12.2(17d)SXB11, 12.2(17d)SXB11a, 12.2(17d)SXB2, 12.2(17d)SXB3, 12.2(17d)SXB4, 12.2(17d)SXB5, 12.2(17d)SXB6, 12.2(17d)SXB7, 12.2(17d)SXB8, 12.2(17d)SXB9 | 12.2SXD 12.2(18)SXD, 12.2(18)SXD1, 12.2(18)SXD2, 12.2(18)SXD3, 12.2(18)SXD4, 12.2(18)SXD5, 12.2(18)SXD6, 12.2(18)SXD7 | 12.2SXE 12.2(18)SXE, 12.2(18)SXE1, 12.2(18)SXE2, 12.2(18)SXE3, 12.2(18)SXE4, 12.2(18)SXE5, 12.2(18)SXE6 | 12.2SXF 12.2(18)SXF, 12.2(18)SXF1, 12.2(18)SXF2, 12.2(18)SXF3, 12.2(18)SXF4, 12.2(18)SXF5 | 12.2SZ 12.2(14)SZ, 12.2(14)SZ1, 12.2(14)SZ2, 12.2(14)SZ3, 12.2(14)SZ4, 12.2(14)SZ5, 12.2(14)SZ6 | 12.2T 12.2(2)T, 12.2(2)T1, 12.2(2)T2, 12.2(2)T3, 12.2(2)T4, 12.2(4)T, 12.2(4)T1, 12.2(4)T2, 12.2(4)T3, 12.2(4)T4, 12.2(4)T5, 12.2(4)T6, 12.2(4)T7, 12.2(8)T, 12.2(8)T0a, 12.2(8)T0b, 12.2(8)T0c, 12.2(8)T0d, 12.2(8)T0e, 12.2(8)T1, 12.2(8)T10, 12.2(8)T2, 12.2(8)T3, 12.2(8)T4, 12.2(8)T4a, 12.2(8)T5, 12.2(8)T6, 12.2(8)T8, 12.2(8)T9, 12.2(11)T, 12.2(11)T1, 12.2(11)T10, 12.2(11)T11, 12.2(11)T2, 12.2(11)T3, 12.2(11)T4, 12.2(11)T5, 12.2(11)T6, 12.2(11)T7, 12.2(11)T8, 12.2(11)T9, 12.2(13)T, 12.2(13)T1, 12.2(13)T1a, 12.2(13)T10, 12.2(13)T11, 12.2(13)T12, 12.2(13)T13, 12.2(13)T14, 12.2(13)T15, 12.2(13)T16, 12.2(13)T17, 12.2(13)T2, 12.2(13)T3, 12.2(13)T4, 12.2(13)T5, 12.2(13)T6, 12.2(13)T7, 12.2(13)T8, 12.2(13)T9, 12.2(15)T, 12.2(15)T1, 12.2(15)T1a, 12.2(15)T10, 12.2(15)T11, 12.2(15)T12, 12.2(15)T12a, 12.2(15)T13, 12.2(15)T14, 12.2(15)T15, 12.2(15)T16, 12.2(15)T17, 12.2(15)T2, 12.2(15)T3, 12.2(15)T4, 12.2(15)T4a, 12.2(15)T4c, 12.2(15)T4d, 12.2(15)T4e, 12.2(15)T5, 12.2(15)T5a, 12.2(15)T6, 12.2(15)T7, 12.2(15)T8, 12.2(15)T9, 12.2(15)T9a, 12.2(15)T9b | 12.2tpc 12.2(8)TPC10a | 12.2UZ 12.2(27)UZ, 12.2(27)UZ1 | 12.2VZ 12.2(28)VZ | 12.2XA 12.2(2)XA, 12.2(2)XA1, 12.2(2)XA2, 12.2(2)XA3, 12.2(2)XA4, 12.2(2)XA5 | 12.2XB 12.2(2)XB1, 12.2(2)XB10, 12.2(2)XB11, 12.2(2)XB12, 12.2(2)XB14, 12.2(2)XB15, 12.2(2)XB16, 12.2(2)XB17, 12.2(2)XB18, 12.2(2)XB2, 12.2(2)XB3, 12.2(2)XB4, 12.2(2)XB5, 12.2(2)XB6, 12.2(2)XB7, 12.2(2)XB8, 12.2(2)XB9 | 12.2XC 12.2(1a)XC, 12.2(1a)XC1, 12.2(1a)XC2, 12.2(1a)XC3, 12.2(1a)XC4, 12.2(1a)XC5, 12.2(2)XC, 12.2(2)XC1, 12.2(2)XC2, 12.2(2)XC3, 12.2(2)XC4, 12.2(2)XC5, 12.2(2)XC6, 12.2(2)XC7 | 12.2XD 12.2(1)XD, 12.2(1)XD1, 12.2(1)XD2, 12.2(1)XD3, 12.2(1)XD4 | 12.2XE 12.2(1)XE, 12.2(1)XE1, 12.2(1)XE2 | 12.2XF 12.2(1)XF, 12.2(1)XF1, 12.2(2)XF, 12.2(2)XF1, 12.2(2)XF2, 12.2(4)XF, 12.2(4)XF1 | 12.2XG 12.2(2)XG, 12.2(2)XG1 | 12.2XH 12.2(2)XH, 12.2(2)XH1, 12.2(2)XH2 | 12.2XI 12.2(2)XI, 12.2(2)XI1, 12.2(2)XI2 | 12.2XJ 12.2(2)XJ | 12.2XK 12.2(2)XK, 12.2(2)XK1, 12.2(2)XK2, 12.2(2)XK3 | 12.2XL 12.2(4)XL, 12.2(4)XL1, 12.2(4)XL2, 12.2(4)XL3, 12.2(4)XL4, 12.2(4)XL5, 12.2(4)XL6 | 12.2XM 12.2(4)XM, 12.2(4)XM1, 12.2(4)XM2, 12.2(4)XM3, 12.2(4)XM4 | 12.2XN 12.2(2)XN, 12.2(31)XN | 12.2XQ 12.2(2)XQ, 12.2(2)XQ1 | 12.2XR 12.2(2)XR, 12.2(4)XR, 12.2(15)XR, 12.2(15)XR1, 12.2(15)XR2 | 12.2XS 12.2(1)XS, 12.2(1)XS1, 12.2(1)XS1a, 12.2(1)XS2 | 12.2XT 12.2(2)XT, 12.2(2)XT2, 12.2(2)XT3 | 12.2XU 12.2(2)XU, 12.2(2)XU2, 12.2(2)XU3, 12.2(2)XU4 | 12.2XV 12.2(4)XV, 12.2(4)XV1, 12.2(4)XV2, 12.2(4)XV3, 12.2(4)XV4, 12.2(4)XV4a, 12.2(4)XV5 | 12.2XW 12.2(4)XW | 12.2XZ 12.2(4)XZ, 12.2(4)XZ1, 12.2(4)XZ2, 12.2(4)XZ3, 12.2(4)XZ4, 12.2(4)XZ5, 12.2(4)XZ6, 12.2(4)XZ7 | 12.2YA 12.2(4)YA, 12.2(4)YA1, 12.2(4)YA10, 12.2(4)YA11, 12.2(4)YA2, 12.2(4)YA3, 12.2(4)YA4, 12.2(4)YA5, 12.2(4)YA6, 12.2(4)YA7, 12.2(4)YA8, 12.2(4)YA9 | 12.2YB 12.2(4)YB | 12.2YC 12.2(2)YC, 12.2(2)YC1, 12.2(2)YC2, 12.2(2)YC3, 12.2(2)YC4 | 12.2YD 12.2(8)YD, 12.2(8)YD1, 12.2(8)YD2, 12.2(8)YD3 | 12.2YF 12.2(4)YF | 12.2YG 12.2(4)YG | 12.2YH 12.2(4)YH | 12.2YJ 12.2(8)YJ, 12.2(8)YJ1 | 12.2YK 12.2(2)YK, 12.2(2)YK1 | 12.2YL 12.2(8)YL | 12.2YM 12.2(8)YM | 12.2YN 12.2(8)YN, 12.2(8)YN1 | 12.2YP 12.2(11)YP1, 12.2(11)YP2, 12.2(11)YP3, 12.2(11)YP4, 12.2(11)YP5 | 12.2YQ 12.2(11)YQ | 12.2YR 12.2(11)YR | 12.2YT 12.2(11)YT, 12.2(11)YT1, 12.2(11)YT2 | 12.2YU 12.2(11)YU | 12.2YV 12.2(11)YV, 12.2(11)YV1 | 12.2YW 12.2(8)YW, 12.2(8)YW1, 12.2(8)YW2, 12.2(8)YW3 | 12.2YY 12.2(8)YY, 12.2(8)YY1, 12.2(8)YY2, 12.2(8)YY3, 12.2(8)YY4 | 12.2YZ 12.2(11)YZ, 12.2(11)YZ1, 12.2(11)YZ2, 12.2(11)YZ3 | 12.2ZA 12.2(9)ZA, 12.2(14)ZA, 12.2(14)ZA1, 12.2(14)ZA2, 12.2(14)ZA3, 12.2(14)ZA4, 12.2(14)ZA5, 12.2(14)ZA6, 12.2(14)ZA7 | 12.2ZB 12.2(8)ZB, 12.2(8)ZB1, 12.2(8)ZB2, 12.2(8)ZB3, 12.2(8)ZB4, 12.2(8)ZB4a, 12.2(8)ZB5, 12.2(8)ZB6, 12.2(8)ZB7, 12.2(8)ZB8 | 12.2ZC 12.2(11)ZC, 12.2(13)ZC | 12.2ZD 12.2(13)ZD, 12.2(13)ZD1, 12.2(13)ZD2, 12.2(13)ZD3, 12.2(13)ZD4 | 12.2ZE 12.2(13)ZE | 12.2ZF 12.2(13)ZF, 12.2(13)ZF1, 12.2(13)ZF2 | 12.2ZG 12.2(13)ZG | 12.2ZH 12.2(13)ZH, 12.2(13)ZH1, 12.2(13)ZH2, 12.2(13)ZH3, 12.2(13)ZH4, 12.2(13)ZH5, 12.2(13)ZH6, 12.2(13)ZH7, 12.2(13)ZH8 | 12.2ZJ 12.2(15)ZJ, 12.2(15)ZJ1, 12.2(15)ZJ2, 12.2(15)ZJ3, 12.2(15)ZJ4, 12.2(15)ZJ5 | 12.2ZK 12.2(15)ZK, 12.2(15)ZK1, 12.2(15)ZK2, 12.2(15)ZK3, 12.2(15)ZK4, 12.2(15)ZK5, 12.2(15)ZK6 | 12.2ZL 12.2(15)ZL, 12.2(15)ZL1 | 12.2ZN 12.2(15)ZN | 12.2ZO 12.2(15)ZO | 12.2ZP 12.2(13)ZP, 12.2(13)ZP1, 12.2(13)ZP2, 12.2(13)ZP3, 12.2(13)ZP4 | 12.2ZQ 12.2(21)ZQ, 12.2(21)ZQ1, 12.2(21)ZQ2, 12.2(21)ZQ3 | 12.2ZS 12.2(15)ZS, 12.2(15)ZS1, 12.2(15)ZS2, 12.2(15)ZS3, 12.2(15)ZS4, 12.2(15)ZS5 | 12.2ZU 12.2(18)ZU | 12.2ZV 12.2(28)ZV, 12.2(28)ZV1, 12.2(28a)ZV1, 12.2(28b)ZV1 | 12.2ZW 12.2(33)ZW | 12.2ZX 12.2(28)ZX | 12.3 12.3(1), 12.3(1a), 12.3(3), 12.3(3a), 12.3(3b), 12.3(3c), 12.3(3d), 12.3(3e), 12.3(3f), 12.3(3g), 12.3(3h), 12.3(3i), 12.3(5), 12.3(5a), 12.3(5b), 12.3(5c), 12.3(5d), 12.3(5e), 12.3(5f), 12.3(6), 12.3(6a), 12.3(6b), 12.3(6c), 12.3(6d), 12.3(6e), 12.3(6f), 12.3(9), 12.3(9a), 12.3(9b), 12.3(9c), 12.3(9d), 12.3(9e), 12.3(10), 12.3(10a), 12.3(10b), 12.3(10c), 12.3(10d), 12.3(10e), 12.3(10f), 12.3(12), 12.3(12a), 12.3(12b), 12.3(12c), 12.3(12d), 12.3(12e), 12.3(13), 12.3(13a), 12.3(13b), 12.3(15), 12.3(15a), 12.3(15b), 12.3(16), 12.3(16a), 12.3(17), 12.3(17a), 12.3(17b), 12.3(18), 12.3(19), 12.3(20) | 12.3B 12.3(1a)B, 12.3(3)B, 12.3(3)B1, 12.3(5a)B, 12.3(5a)B0a, 12.3(5a)B1, 12.3(5a)B2, 12.3(5a)B3, 12.3(5a)B4, 12.3(5a)B5 | 12.3BC 12.3(9a)BC, 12.3(9a)BC1, 12.3(9a)BC2, 12.3(9a)BC3, 12.3(9a)BC4, 12.3(9a)BC5, 12.3(9a)BC6, 12.3(9a)BC7, 12.3(9a)BC8, 12.3(9a)BC9, 12.3(13a)BC, 12.3(13a)BC1, 12.3(13a)BC2, 12.3(13a)BC3, 12.3(13a)BC4, 12.3(13a)BC5, 12.3(13a)BC6, 12.3(17a)BC, 12.3(17a)BC1, 12.3(17a)BC2 | 12.3BW 12.3(1a)BW | 12.3JA 12.3(2)JA, 12.3(2)JA1, 12.3(2)JA2, 12.3(2)JA5, 12.3(2)JA6, 12.3(4)JA, 12.3(4)JA1, 12.3(4)JA2, 12.3(7)JA, 12.3(7)JA1, 12.3(7)JA2, 12.3(7)JA3, 12.3(7)JA4, 12.3(8)JA, 12.3(8)JA1, 12.3(8)JA2 | 12.3JK 12.3(2)JK, 12.3(2)JK1 | 12.3JL 12.3(2)JL | 12.3JX 12.3(11)JX, 12.3(11)JX1 | 12.3M 12.3(9)M0, 12.3(9)M1, 12.3(10a)M0 | 12.3T 12.3(2)T, 12.3(2)T1, 12.3(2)T2, 12.3(2)T3, 12.3(2)T4, 12.3(2)T5, 12.3(2)T6, 12.3(2)T7, 12.3(2)T8, 12.3(2)T9, 12.3(4)T, 12.3(4)T1, 12.3(4)T10, 12.3(4)T11, 12.3(4)T12, 12.3(4)T2, 12.3(4)T2a, 12.3(4)T3, 12.3(4)T4, 12.3(4)T5, 12.3(4)T6, 12.3(4)T7, 12.3(4)T8, 12.3(4)T9, 12.3(7)T, 12.3(7)T1, 12.3(7)T10, 12.3(7)T11, 12.3(7)T12, 12.3(7)T2, 12.3(7)T3, 12.3(7)T4, 12.3(7)T5, 12.3(7)T6, 12.3(7)T7, 12.3(7)T8, 12.3(7)T9, 12.3(8)T, 12.3(8)T0a, 12.3(8)T1, 12.3(8)T10, 12.3(8)T11, 12.3(8)T2, 12.3(8)T3, 12.3(8)T4, 12.3(8)T5, 12.3(8)T6, 12.3(8)T7, 12.3(8)T8, 12.3(8)T9, 12.3(11)T, 12.3(11)T1, 12.3(11)T10, 12.3(11)T2, 12.3(11)T2a, 12.3(11)T3, 12.3(11)T4, 12.3(11)T5, 12.3(11)T6, 12.3(11)T7, 12.3(11)T8, 12.3(11)T9, 12.3(14)T, 12.3(14)T1, 12.3(14)T2, 12.3(14)T3, 12.3(14)T4, 12.3(14)T5, 12.3(14)T6, 12.3(14)T7 | 12.3TO 12.3(11)TO3 | 12.3TPC 12.3(4)TPC11a | 12.3XA 12.3(2)XA, 12.3(2)XA1, 12.3(2)XA2, 12.3(2)XA3, 12.3(2)XA4, 12.3(2)XA5 | 12.3XB 12.3(2)XB, 12.3(2)XB1, 12.3(2)XB3 | 12.3XC 12.3(2)XC, 12.3(2)XC1, 12.3(2)XC2, 12.3(2)XC3, 12.3(2)XC4 | 12.3XD 12.3(4)XD, 12.3(4)XD1, 12.3(4)XD2, 12.3(4)XD3, 12.3(4)XD4 | 12.3XE 12.3(2)XE, 12.3(2)XE1, 12.3(2)XE2, 12.3(2)XE3, 12.3(2)XE4 | 12.3XF 12.3(2)XF | 12.3XG 12.3(4)XG, 12.3(4)XG1, 12.3(4)XG2, 12.3(4)XG3, 12.3(4)XG4, 12.3(4)XG5 | 12.3XH 12.3(4)XH, 12.3(4)XH1 | 12.3XI 12.3(7)XI, 12.3(7)XI1, 12.3(7)XI1a, 12.3(7)XI1b, 12.3(7)XI1c, 12.3(7)XI2, 12.3(7)XI2a, 12.3(7)XI2b, 12.3(7)XI2c, 12.3(7)XI3, 12.3(7)XI3a, 12.3(7)XI3b, 12.3(7)XI3d, 12.3(7)XI3e, 12.3(7)XI4, 12.3(7)XI5, 12.3(7)XI6, 12.3(7)XI7, 12.3(7)XI7a, 12.3(7)XI7b, 12.3(7)XI8 | 12.3XJ 12.3(7)XJ, 12.3(7)XJ1, 12.3(7)XJ2 | 12.3XK 12.3(4)XK, 12.3(4)XK1, 12.3(4)XK2, 12.3(4)XK3, 12.3(4)XK4 | 12.3XL 12.3(7)XL, 12.3(11)XL, 12.3(11)XL1, 12.3(11)XL2, 12.3(11)XL3 | 12.3XM 12.3(7)XM | 12.3XN 12.3(4)XN, 12.3(4)XN1, 12.3(4)XN2 | 12.3XQ 12.3(4)XQ, 12.3(4)XQ1 | 12.3XR 12.3(7)XR, 12.3(7)XR1, 12.3(7)XR2, 12.3(7)XR3, 12.3(7)XR4, 12.3(7)XR5, 12.3(7)XR6 | 12.3XS 12.3(7)XS, 12.3(7)XS1, 12.3(7)XS2 | 12.3XT 12.3(2)XT, 12.3(2)XT1, 12.3(2)XT2, 12.3(2)XT3 | 12.3XU 12.3(8)XU, 12.3(8)XU1, 12.3(8)XU2, 12.3(8)XU3, 12.3(8)XU4, 12.3(8)XU5 | 12.3XW 12.3(8)XW, 12.3(8)XW1, 12.3(8)XW1a, 12.3(8)XW1b, 12.3(8)XW2, 12.3(8)XW3 | 12.3XX 12.3(8)XX, 12.3(8)XX1, 12.3(8)XX2, 12.3(8)XX2a, 12.3(8)XX2b, 12.3(8)XX2c | 12.3XY 12.3(8)XY, 12.3(8)XY1, 12.3(8)XY2, 12.3(8)XY3, 12.3(8)XY4, 12.3(8)XY5, 12.3(8)XY6, 12.3(8)XY7 | 12.3XZ 12.3(2)XZ, 12.3(2)XZ1, 12.3(2)XZ2 | 12.3YA 12.3(8)YA, 12.3(8)YA1 | 12.3YB 12.3(7)YB, 12.3(7)YB1 | 12.3YC 12.3(8)YC, 12.3(8)YC1, 12.3(8)YC2, 12.3(8)YC3 | 12.3YD 12.3(8)YD, 12.3(8)YD1 | 12.3YE 12.3(4)YE, 12.3(4)YE1 | 12.3YF 12.3(11)YF, 12.3(11)YF1, 12.3(11)YF2, 12.3(11)YF3, 12.3(11)YF4 | 12.3YG 12.3(8)YG, 12.3(8)YG1, 12.3(8)YG2, 12.3(8)YG3, 12.3(8)YG4, 12.3(8)YG5 | 12.3YH 12.3(8)YH | 12.3YI 12.3(8)YI, 12.3(8)YI1, 12.3(8)YI2, 12.3(8)YI3 | 12.3YJ 12.3(11)YJ | 12.3YK 12.3(11)YK, 12.3(11)YK1, 12.3(11)YK2 | 12.3YL 12.3(11)YL, 12.3(11)YL1, 12.3(11)YL2 | 12.3YM 12.3(14)YM1, 12.3(14)YM2, 12.3(14)YM3, 12.3(14)YM4, 12.3(14)YM5, 12.3(14)YM6, 12.3(14)YM7 | 12.3YN 12.3(11)YN | 12.3YQ 12.3(14)YQ, 12.3(14)YQ1, 12.3(14)YQ2, 12.3(14)YQ3, 12.3(14)YQ4, 12.3(14)YQ5, 12.3(14)YQ6, 12.3(14)YQ7, 12.3(14)YQ8 | 12.3YR 12.3(11)YR, 12.3(11)YR1 | 12.3YS 12.3(11)YS, 12.3(11)YS1 | 12.3YT 12.3(14)YT, 12.3(14)YT1 | 12.3YU 12.3(14)YU, 12.3(14)YU1 | 12.3YW 12.3(11)YW, 12.3(11)YW1, 12.3(11)YW2, 12.3(11)YW3 | 12.3YX 12.3(14)YX, 12.3(14)YX1, 12.3(14)YX2, 12.3(14)YX3 | 12.3YZ 12.3(11)YZ, 12.3(11)YZ1 | 12.3ZA 12.3(8)ZA | 12.3ZB 12.3(11)ZB, 12.3(11)ZB1 | 12.4 12.4(1), 12.4(1a), 12.4(1b), 12.4(1c), 12.4(3), 12.4(3a), 12.4(3b), 12.4(3c), 12.4(3d), 12.4(3e), 12.4(5), 12.4(5a), 12.4(5b), 12.4(7), 12.4(7a), 12.4(7b), 12.4(8), 12.4(8a) | 12.4M 12.4(5a)M0 | 12.4MR 12.4(2)MR, 12.4(2)MR1, 12.4(4)MR, 12.4(4)MR1, 12.4(6)MR, 12.4(6)MR1 | 12.4T 12.4(2)T, 12.4(2)T1, 12.4(2)T2, 12.4(2)T3, 12.4(2)T4, 12.4(2)T5, 12.4(4)T, 12.4(4)T1, 12.4(4)T2, 12.4(4)T3, 12.4(4)T4, 12.4(6)T, 12.4(6)T1, 12.4(6)T2, 12.4(6)T3, 12.4(9)T, 12.4(9)T0a | 12.4XA 12.4(2)XA, 12.4(2)XA1, 12.4(2)XA2 | 12.4XB 12.4(2)XB, 12.4(2)XB1, 12.4(2)XB2 | 12.4XC 12.4(4)XC, 12.4(4)XC1, 12.4(4)XC2, 12.4(4)XC3, 12.4(4)XC4 | 12.4XD 12.4(4)XD, 12.4(4)XD1, 12.4(4)XD2 | 12.4XE 12.4(6)XE, 12.4(6)XE1
DebianDebian Linux 4.0 alpha, amd64, arm, hppa, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel, ppc, s390, sparc
Gentoo Technologies, Inc.Gentoo Linux 2004 .0, .1, .2, .3 | 2005 .0 | 2006 .0, .1 | 2007 .0 | 2008 .0
MandrakeSoft, Inc.Linux-Mandrake Corporate Server 3.0 i586, x86_64 | 4.0 i586, x86_64
Mandrivasoft IncMandrivalinux 2007.1 i586, x86_64 | 2008.0 i586, x86_64 | 2008.1 i586, x86_64
Novell, Inc.Novell Linux Desktop 9 x86, x86_64
Novell, Inc.Novell Linux POS 9 Base
Novell, Inc.Novell Open Enterprise Server 1 i386 | 2 x86, x86-64
Red Hat, Inc.Red Hat Desktop 3 i386, x86_64 | 4 IA-32, x86_64
Red Hat, Inc.Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 IA-32, IA-64, PPC, ppc64, s390, s390x, x86_64
Red Hat, Inc.Red Hat Enterprise Linux Advanced Server 2.1 i386 | 3 amd64 (x86_64), i386, ia64 | 4 IA-32, IA-64, x86_64
Red Hat, Inc.Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop 5 IA-32, x86_64
Red Hat, Inc.Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop Workstation 5 IA-32, x86-64
Red Hat, Inc.Red Hat Enterprise Linux Enterprise Server 2.1 i386, ia64 | 3 amd64 (x86_64), i386, ia64, ppc, ppc64, s390, s390x | 4 IA-32, IA-64, PPC, PPC64, s390, s390x, x86_64
Red Hat, Inc.Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 2.1 i386 | 3 amd64 (x86_64), i386, ia64 | 4 IA-32, IA-64, x86_64
Red Hat, Inc.Red Hat Linux Advanced Workstation 2.1 ia64
SUSESUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) 10 SP1 amd64, SP1 x86, SP1 em64t, SP2 amd64, SP2 x86, SP2 EM64T
SUSESUSE Linux Enterprise SDK (SLE SDK) 10 SP1 x86, SP1 x86-64, SP1 ia64 (IPF), SP1 iSeries, SP1 PPC, SP1 pSeries, SP1 zSeries (s390x), SP2 x86, SP2 x86-64, SP2 ia64 (IPF), SP2 iSeries, SP2 PPC, SP2 pSeries, SP2 zSeries (s390x)
SUSESuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 IBM Power, IPF (itanium), iSeries, pSeries, s/390, x86, x86-64 (amd64, em64t), zSeries, zSeries 64bit | 10 SP1 AMD64, SP1 Intel EM64T, SP1 Itanium (IPF), SP1 IBM Power, SP1 x86, SP1 zSeries 64bit, SP2 AMD64, SP2 EM64T, SP2 Itanium (IPF), SP2 zSeries 64bit, SP2 x86, SP2 PPC
The Slackware Linux ProjectSlackware Linux 12.0 i486 | 12.1 i486
Ubuntu LinuxUbuntu Linux 6.06 LTS Server AMD64, Intel x86, PowerPC, SPARC | 7.10 AMD64, Intel x86, powerpc, PPC, SPARC | 8.04 LTS Desktop amd64, i386 | 8.04 LTS Server amd64, i386 | 8.10 amd64, i386
VMware, Inc.VMware ESX Server 2.5 .4, .5 | 3.0 .1, .2, .3 | 3.5 Base

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