Cisco Security

Cisco Security

Cisco IOS Software HTTP Request Processing Arbitrary Command Execution Vulnerability

Threat Type:CWE-78: OS Command Injections
IntelliShield ID:25363
First Published:2012 March 28 16:38 GMT
Last Published:2012 March 28 16:38 GMT
Port: Not available
Urgency:Unlikely Use
Severity:Moderate Damage
CVSS Base:9.0 CVSS Calculator
CVSS Version 2.0
CVSS Temporal:7.4
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Version Summary:

Cisco IOS Software and Cisco IOS XE Software contain a vulnerability that could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to execute arbitrary commands. Updates are available.


Cisco IOS Software and Cisco IOS XE Software contain a vulnerability that could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to execute arbitrary commands.

The vulnerability is due to errors in the authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) authorization implementation when accessing an affected device via HTTP or HTTPS. An authenticated, remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary commands.

Cisco confirmed the vulnerability in a security advisory and released updated software.

Warning Indicators

Cisco has published a list of affected Cisco IOS Software and Cisco IOS XE Software releases in the security advisory. The Vendor Announcements section of this alert contains a link to the advisory.

IntelliShield Analysis

To exploit this vulnerability, the attacker would need to authenticate to the targeted device. To achieve this objective, the attacker may need access to trusted, internal network resources. This access requirement reduces the exposure of this vulnerability.

Cisco indicates through the CVSS score that functional exploit code exists; however, the code is not known to be publicly available.

Vendor Announcements

Cisco has released a security advisory for Cisco bug ID CSCtr91106 at the following link: cisco-sa-20120328-pai


An authenticated, remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary commands in the security context of the user. Successful exploitation could result in a complete compromise of the targeted device.

Technical Information

The vulnerability is due to an error in the AAA authorization implementation. The error may allow the Cisco IOS Software command authorization to be bypassed when accessing an affected device with an HTTP or HTTPS session.

An authenticated, remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to execute any arbitrary Cisco IOS Software commands configured for the privilege level of the user.


Administrators are advised to apply the appropriate updates.

Administrators may consider using IP-based access control lists (ACLs) to allow only trusted systems to access the affected devices.

Administrators are advised to allow only trusted users to have network access.

Administrators may consider disabling the HTTP and HTTPS server feature if it is not required.

Administrators are advised to monitor affected systems.


Cisco customers with active contracts can obtain updates through the Software Center at the following link: Cisco. Cisco customers without contracts can obtain upgrades by contacting the Cisco Technical Assistance Center at 1-800-553-2447 or 1-408-526-7209 or via e-mail at

Alert History

Initial Release

Product Sets
The security vulnerability applies to the following combinations of products.

Primary Products:
CiscoIOS 12.2EW Base, 12.2(18)EW, 12.2(18)EW1, 12.2(18)EW2, 12.2(18)EW3, 12.2(18)EW4, 12.2(18)EW5, 12.2(18)EW6, 12.2(18)EW7, 12.2(20)EW, 12.2(20)EW1, 12.2(20)EW2, 12.2(20)EW3, 12.2(20)EW4, 12.2(25)EW | 12.2EWA Base, 12.2(20)EWA, 12.2(20)EWA1, 12.2(20)EWA2, 12.2(20)EWA3, 12.2(20)EWA4, 12.2(25)EWA, 12.2(25)EWA1, 12.2(25)EWA10, 12.2(25)EWA100, 12.2(25)EWA11, 12.2(25)EWA12, 12.2(25)EWA13, 12.2(25)EWA14, 12.2(25)EWA2, 12.2(25)EWA3, 12.2(25)EWA4, 12.2(25)EWA5, 12.2(25)EWA6, 12.2(25)EWA7, 12.2(25)EWA8, 12.2(25)EWA9 | 12.2EX Base, 12.2(20)EX, 12.2(25)EX, 12.2(25)EX1, 12.2(35)EX, 12.2(35)EX1, 12.2(35)EX2, 12.2(37)EX, 12.2(40)EX, 12.2(40)EX1, 12.2(40)EX2, 12.2(40)EX3, 12.2(44)EX, 12.2(44)EX1, 12.2(46)EX, 12.2(52)EX, 12.2(52)EX1, 12.2(53)EX, 12.2(54)EX, 12.2(55)EX, 12.2(55)EX1, 12.2(55)EX2, 12.2(55)EX3, 12.2(58)EX, 12.2(100)EX, 12.2(101)EX, 12.2(125)EX, 12.2(135)EX | 12.2EY Base, 12.2(25)EY, 12.2(25)EY1, 12.2(25)EY2, 12.2(25)EY3, 12.2(25)EY4, 12.2(37)EY, 12.2(44)EY, 12.2(46)EY, 12.2(52)EY, 12.2(52)EY1, 12.2(52)EY1b, 12.2(52)EY1c, 12.2(52)EY2, 12.2(52)EY2a, 12.2(52)EY3, 12.2(52)EY3a, 12.2(52)EY3b, 12.2(52)EY4, 12.2(53)EY, 12.2(55)EY, 12.2(58)EY, 12.2(58)EY1, 12.2(58)EY2, 12.2(144)EY, 12.2(146)EY | 12.2EZ Base, 12.2(25)EZ, 12.2(25)EZ1, 12.2(53)EZ, 12.2(55)EZ, 12.2(58)EZ | 12.2FX Base, 12.2(25)FX | 12.2FY Base, 12.2(25)FY | 12.2FZ Base, 12.2(25)FZ | 12.2IRA Base, 12.2(33)IRA, 12.2(100)IRA | 12.2IRB Base, 12.2(33)IRB, 12.2(133)IRB | 12.2IRC Base, 12.2(33)IRC | 12.2IRD Base, 12.2(33)IRD, 12.2(33)IRD1 | 12.2IRE Base, 12.2(33)IRE, 12.2(33)IRE1, 12.2(33)IRE2, 12.2(33)IRE3 | 12.2IRF Base, 12.2(33)IRF | 12.2IRG 12.2(33)IRG, Base, 12.2(33)IRG1 | 12.2IRH 12.2(33)IRH, 12.2(33)IRH1 | 12.2MRA Base, 12.2(33)MRA, 12.2(33)MRA1 | 12.2MRB Base, 12.2(33)MRB, 12.2(33)MRB1, 12.2(33)MRB2, 12.2(33)MRB3, 12.2(33)MRB4, 12.2(33)MRB5, 12.2(33)MRB6 | 12.2SB Base, 12.2(28)SB, 12.2(28)SB1, 12.2(28)SB10, 12.2(28)SB11, 12.2(28)SB12, 12.2(28)SB13, 12.2(28)SB14, 12.2(28)SB2, 12.2(28)SB3, 12.2(28)SB4, 12.2(28)SB4a, 12.2(28)SB4b, 12.2(28)SB4c, 12.2(28)SB4d, 12.2(28)SB5, 12.2(28)SB5a, 12.2(28)SB5b, 12.2(28)SB5c, 12.2(28)SB6, 12.2(28)SB7, 12.2(28)SB8, 12.2(28)SB9, 12.2(31)SB, 12.2(31)SB1, 12.2(31)SB1a, 12.2(31)SB1b, 12.2(31)SB1c, 12.2(31)SB1d, 12.2(31)SB1e, 12.2(31)SB1f, 12.2(31)SB1g, 12.2(31)SB10, 12.2(31)SB10a, 12.2(31)SB10b, 12.2(31)SB10c, 12.2(31)SB10d, 12.2(31)SB10e, 12.2(31)SB11, 12.2(31)SB11a, 12.2(31)SB11b, 12.2(31)SB12, 12.2(31)SB12a, 12.2(31)SB13, 12.2(31)SB14, 12.2(31)SB15, 12.2(31)SB16, 12.2(31)SB17, 12.2(31)SB18, 12.2(31)SB19, 12.2(31)SB2, 12.2(31)SB2a, 12.2(31)SB20, 12.2(31)SB21, 12.2(31)SB3, 12.2(31)SB3a, 12.2(31)SB3b, 12.2(31)SB3c, 12.2(31)SB3x, 12.2(31)SB4, 12.2(31)SB4a, 12.2(31)SB5, 12.2(31)SB5a, 12.2(31)SB6, 12.2(31)SB7, 12.2(31)SB8, 12.2(31)SB8a, 12.2(31)SB9, 12.2(31)SB9a, 12.2(31)SB9b, 12.2(33)SB, 12.2(33)SB1, 12.2(33)SB1a, 12.2(33)SB1b, 12.2(33)SB10, 12.2(33)SB11, 12.2(33)SB12, 12.2(33)SB2, 12.2(33)SB3, 12.2(33)SB4, 12.2(33)SB5, 12.2(33)SB6, 12.2(33)SB6a, 12.2(33)SB6aa, 12.2(33)SB6b, 12.2(33)SB6c, 12.2(33)SB7, 12.2(33)SB8, 12.2(33)SB8b, 12.2(33)SB8c, 12.2(33)SB8d, 12.2(33)SB8e, 12.2(33)SB8f, 12.2(33)SB8g, 12.2(33)SB9, 12.2(34)SB, 12.2(34)SB1, 12.2(34)SB2, 12.2(34)SB3, 12.2(34)SB4, 12.2(34)SB4a, 12.2(34)SB4b, 12.2(34)SB4c, 12.2(34)SB4d, 12.2(34)SB4e, 12.2(34)SB5, 12.2(100)SB, 12.2(100)SB2, 12.2(110)SB, 12.2(128)SB, 12.2(131)SB, 12.2(131)SB1, 12.2(131)SB10, 12.2(131)SB11, 12.2(131)SB12, 12.2(131)SB3x, 12.2(131)SB5, 12.2(131)SB9, 12.2(133)SB, 12.2(133)SB1 | 12.2SCA Base, 12.2(33)SCA, 12.2(33)SCA1, 12.2(33)SCA2 | 12.2SCB Base, 12.2(33)SCB, 12.2(33)SCB1, 12.2(33)SCB10, 12.2(33)SCB11, 12.2(33)SCB2, 12.2(33)SCB3, 12.2(33)SCB4, 12.2(33)SCB5, 12.2(33)SCB6, 12.2(33)SCB7, 12.2(33)SCB8, 12.2(33)SCB9, 12.2(133)SCB | 12.2SCC Base, 12.2(33)SCC, 12.2(33)SCC1, 12.2(33)SCC2, 12.2(33)SCC3, 12.2(33)SCC4, 12.2(33)SCC5, 12.2(33)SCC6, 12.2(33)SCC7 | 12.2SCD Base, 12.2(33)SCD, 12.2(33)SCD1, 12.2(33)SCD2, 12.2(33)SCD3, 12.2(33)SCD4, 12.2(33)SCD5, 12.2(33)SCD6, 12.2(33)SCD7, 12.2(33)SCD8 | 12.2SCE Base, 12.2(33)SCE, 12.2(33)SCE1, 12.2(33)SCE2, 12.2(33)SCE3, 12.2(33)SCE4, 12.2(33)SCE5, 12.2(33)SCE6 | 12.2SCF Base, 12.2(33)SCF, 12.2(33)SCF1, 12.2(33)SCF2, 12.2(33)SCF3 | 12.2SE Base, 12.2(18)SE, 12.2(18)SE1, 12.2(20)SE, 12.2(20)SE1, 12.2(20)SE2, 12.2(20)SE3, 12.2(20)SE4, 12.2(25)SE, 12.2(25)SE1, 12.2(25)SE2, 12.2(25)SE3, 12.2(33)SE, 12.2(35)SE, 12.2(35)SE1, 12.2(35)SE2, 12.2(35)SE3, 12.2(35)SE4, 12.2(35)SE5, 12.2(36)SE, 12.2(37)SE, 12.2(37)SE1, 12.2(37)SE2, 12.2(40)SE, 12.2(40)SE1, 12.2(40)SE2, 12.2(44)SE, 12.2(44)SE1, 12.2(44)SE2, 12.2(44)SE3, 12.2(44)SE4, 12.2(44)SE5, 12.2(44)SE6, 12.2(46)SE, 12.2(46)SE1, 12.2(46)SE2, 12.2(47)SE, 12.2(50)SE, 12.2(50)SE1, 12.2(50)SE2, 12.2(50)SE3, 12.2(50)SE4, 12.2(50)SE5, 12.2(50)SE6, 12.2(52)SE, 12.2(52)SE1, 12.2(53)SE, 12.2(53)SE1, 12.2(53)SE2, 12.2(53)SE3, 12.2(54)SE, 12.2(55)SE, 12.2(55)SE1, 12.2(55)SE2, 12.2(55)SE3, 12.2(55)SE4, 12.2(55)SE5, 12.2(55)SE6, 12.2(57)SE, 12.2(58)SE, 12.2(58)SE1, 12.2(58)SE2, 12.2(100)SE, 12.2(135)SE, 12.2(137)SE, 12.2(144)SE, 12.2(146)SE | 12.2SEA Base, 12.2(25)SEA | 12.2SEB Base, 12.2(25)SEB, 12.2(25)SEB1, 12.2(25)SEB2, 12.2(25)SEB3, 12.2(25)SEB4 | 12.2SEC Base, 12.2(25)SEC, 12.2(25)SEC1, 12.2(25)SEC2 | 12.2SED Base, 12.2(25)SED, 12.2(25)SED1 | 12.2SEE Base, 12.2(25)SEE, 12.2(25)SEE1, 12.2(25)SEE2, 12.2(25)SEE3, 12.2(25)SEE4, 12.2(125)SEE | 12.2SEF Base, 12.2(25)SEF, 12.2(25)SEF1, 12.2(25)SEF2, 12.2(25)SEF3, 12.2(125)SEF | 12.2SEG Base, 12.2(25)SEG, 12.2(25)SEG1, 12.2(25)SEG2, 12.2(25)SEG3, 12.2(25)SEG4, 12.2(25)SEG5, 12.2(25)SEG6, 12.2(125)SEG | 12.2SG Base, 12.2(25)SG, 12.2(25)SG1, 12.2(25)SG2, 12.2(25)SG3, 12.2(25)SG4, 12.2(31)SG, 12.2(31)SG1, 12.2(31)SG2, 12.2(31)SG3, 12.2(36)SG, 12.2(37)SG, 12.2(37)SG1, 12.2(40)SG, 12.2(44)SG, 12.2(44)SG1, 12.2(44r)SG5, 12.2(46)SG, 12.2(46)SG1, 12.2(50)SG, 12.2(50)SG1, 12.2(50)SG2, 12.2(50)SG3, 12.2(50)SG4, 12.2(50)SG5, 12.2(50)SG6, 12.2(50)SG7, 12.2(50)SG8, 12.2(52)SG, 12.2(53)SG, 12.2(53)SG1, 12.2(53)SG2, 12.2(53)SG3, 12.2(53)SG4, 12.2(53)SG5, 12.2(53)SG6, 12.2(53)SG7, 12.2(54)SG, 12.2(54)SG1, 12.2(100)SG, 12.2(137)SG, 12.2(144)SG, 12.2(146)SG, 12.2(146)SG1, 12.2(150)SG | 12.2SGA Base, 12.2(31)SGA, 12.2(31)SGA1, 12.2(31)SGA10, 12.2(31)SGA100, 12.2(31)SGA11, 12.2(31)SGA2, 12.2(31)SGA3, 12.2(31)SGA4, 12.2(31)SGA5, 12.2(31)SGA6, 12.2(31)SGA7, 12.2(31)SGA8, 12.2(31)SGA9, 12.2(131)SGA | 12.2SQ Base, 12.2(44)SQ, 12.2(44)SQ1, 12.2(44)SQ2, 12.2(44)SQ3, 12.2(50)SQ, 12.2(50)SQ1, 12.2(50)SQ2, 12.2(50)SQ3, 12.2(50)SQ4, 12.2(144)SQ | 12.2SRA Base, 12.2(33)SRA, 12.2(33)SRA1, 12.2(33)SRA2, 12.2(33)SRA3, 12.2(33)SRA4, 12.2(33)SRA5, 12.2(33)SRA6, 12.2(33)SRA7, 12.2(133)SRA | 12.2SRB Base, 12.2(33)SRB, 12.2(33)SRB1, 12.2(33)SRB2, 12.2(33)SRB3, 12.2(33)SRB4, 12.2(33)SRB5, 12.2(33)SRB5a, 12.2(33)SRB6, 12.2(33)SRB7, 12.2(100)SRB, 12.2(133)SRB | 12.2SRC Base, 12.2(33)SRC, 12.2(33)SRC1, 12.2(33)SRC2, 12.2(33)SRC3, 12.2(33)SRC4, 12.2(33)SRC5, 12.2(33)SRC6, 12.2(133)SRC | 12.2SRD Base, 12.2(33)SRD, 12.2(33)SRD1, 12.2(33)SRD2, 12.2(33)SRD2a, 12.2(33)SRD3, 12.2(33)SRD4, 12.2(33)SRD4a, 12.2(33)SRD5, 12.2(33)SRD6, 12.2(33)SRD7, 12.2(33)SRD8, 12.2(33r)SRD2, 12.2(133)SRD | 12.2SRE Base, 12.2(33)SRE, 12.2(33)SRE0a, 12.2(33)SRE1, 12.2(33)SRE2, 12.2(33)SRE3, 12.2(33)SRE4, 12.2(33)SRE5, 12.2(33)SRE6, 12.2(33)SRE7, 12.2(33)SRE8 | 12.2STE Base, 12.2(33)STE0, 12.2(133)STE0 | 12.2SXH Base, 12.2(33)SXH, 12.2(33)SXH0a, 12.2(33)SXH1, 12.2(33)SXH2, 12.2(33)SXH2a, 12.2(33)SXH3, 12.2(33)SXH3a, 12.2(33)SXH4, 12.2(33)SXH4x, 12.2(33)SXH5, 12.2(33)SXH6, 12.2(33)SXH7, 12.2(33)SXH7v, 12.2(33)SXH7w, 12.2(33)SXH7x, 12.2(33)SXH8, 12.2(33)SXH8a, 12.2(33)SXH8b, 12.2(133)SXH | 12.2SXI Base, 12.2(33)SXI, 12.2(33)SXI0a, 12.2(33)SXI1, 12.2(33)SXI10, 12.2(33)SXI2, 12.2(33)SXI2a, 12.2(33)SXI3, 12.2(33)SXI3a, 12.2(33)SXI3z, 12.2(33)SXI4, 12.2(33)SXI4a, 12.2(33)SXI4b, 12.2(33)SXI5, 12.2(33)SXI5a, 12.2(33)SXI6, 12.2(33)SXI7, 12.2(33)SXI8, 12.2(33)SXI8a, 12.2(33)SXI9, 12.2(133)SXI | 12.2SXJ Base, 12.2(33)SXJ, 12.2(33)SXJ1, 12.2(33)SXJ2, 12.2(33)SXJ3 | 12.2SY Base, 12.2(14)SY, 12.2(14)SY1, 12.2(14)SY2, 12.2(14)SY3, 12.2(14)SY4, 12.2(14)SY5, 12.2(50)SY, 12.2(50)SY1, 12.2(50)SY2 | 12.2XO Base, 12.2(40)XO, 12.2(46)XO, 12.2(52)XO, 12.2(54)XO, 12.2(146)XO | 12.2ZH Base, 12.2(13)ZH, 12.2(13)ZH1, 12.2(13)ZH10, 12.2(13)ZH11, 12.2(13)ZH2, 12.2(13)ZH3, 12.2(13)ZH4, 12.2(13)ZH5, 12.2(13)ZH6, 12.2(13)ZH7, 12.2(13)ZH8, 12.2(13)ZH9 | 12.3 Base, T, 12.3(1), 12.3(1a), 12.3(3), 12.3(3a), 12.3(3b), 12.3(3c), 12.3(3d), 12.3(3e), 12.3(3f), 12.3(3g), 12.3(3h), 12.3(3i), 12.3(5), 12.3(5a), 12.3(5b), 12.3(5c), 12.3(5d), 12.3(5e), 12.3(5f), 12.3(6), 12.3(6a), 12.3(6b), 12.3(6c), 12.3(6d), 12.3(6e), 12.3(6f), 12.3(9), 12.3(9a), 12.3(9b), 12.3(9c), 12.3(9d), 12.3(9e), 12.3(10), 12.3(10a), 12.3(10b), 12.3(10c), 12.3(10d), 12.3(10e), 12.3(10f), 12.3(12), 12.3(12a), 12.3(12b), 12.3(12c), 12.3(12d), 12.3(12e), 12.3(12f), 12.3(13), 12.3(13a), 12.3(13b), 12.3(13c), 12.3(15), 12.3(15a), 12.3(15b), 12.3(16), 12.3(16a), 12.3(17), 12.3(17a), 12.3(17b), 12.3(17c), 12.3(18), 12.3(18a), 12.3(19), 12.3(19a), 12.3(20), 12.3(20a), 12.3(21), 12.3(21a), 12.3(21b), 12.3(22), 12.3(22a), 12.3(23), 12.3(24), 12.3(24a), 12.3(25), 12.3(26), 12.3(100), 12.3(115), 12.3(116), 12.3(117), 12.3(118), 12.3(119), 12.3(120), 12.3(121), 12.3(122), 12.3(123), 12.3(126) | 12.3B Base, 12.3(1a)B, 12.3(3)B, 12.3(3)B1, 12.3(5a)B, 12.3(5a)B0a, 12.3(5a)B1, 12.3(5a)B2, 12.3(5a)B3, 12.3(5a)B4, 12.3(5a)B5 | 12.3BC Base, 12.3(9a)BC, 12.3(9a)BC1, 12.3(9a)BC10, 12.3(9a)BC2, 12.3(9a)BC3, 12.3(9a)BC4, 12.3(9a)BC5, 12.3(9a)BC6, 12.3(9a)BC7, 12.3(9a)BC8, 12.3(9a)BC9, 12.3(13a)BC, 12.3(13a)BC1, 12.3(13a)BC2, 12.3(13a)BC3, 12.3(13a)BC4, 12.3(13a)BC5, 12.3(13a)BC6, 12.3(17a)BC, 12.3(17a)BC1, 12.3(17a)BC2, 12.3(17b)BC3, 12.3(17b)BC4, 12.3(17b)BC5, 12.3(17b)BC6, 12.3(17b)BC7, 12.3(17b)BC8, 12.3(17b)BC9, 12.3(21)BC, 12.3(21a)BC1, 12.3(21a)BC2, 12.3(21a)BC3, 12.3(21a)BC4, 12.3(21a)BC5, 12.3(21a)BC6, 12.3(21a)BC7, 12.3(21a)BC8, 12.3(21a)BC9, 12.3(21b)BC5, 12.3(23)BC, 12.3(23)BC1, 12.3(23)BC10, 12.3(23)BC2, 12.3(23)BC3, 12.3(23)BC4, 12.3(23)BC5, 12.3(23)BC6, 12.3(23)BC7, 12.3(23)BC8, 12.3(23)BC9, 12.3(123)BC | 12.3BW Base, 12.3(1a)BW | 12.3JA Base, 12.3(2)JA, 12.3(2)JA1, 12.3(2)JA2, 12.3(2)JA3, 12.3(2)JA4, 12.3(2)JA5, 12.3(2)JA6, 12.3(4)JA, 12.3(4)JA1, 12.3(4)JA2, 12.3(7)JA, 12.3(7)JA1, 12.3(7)JA2, 12.3(7)JA3, 12.3(7)JA4, 12.3(7)JA5, 12.3(7)JA6, 12.3(8)JA, 12.3(8)JA1, 12.3(8)JA2, 12.3(8)JA3, 12.3(11)JA, 12.3(11)JA1, 12.3(11)JA2, 12.3(11)JA3, 12.3(11)JA4, 12.3(11)JA5, 12.3(100)JA, 12.3(101)JA, 12.3(107)JA, 12.3(111)JA | 12.3JEA Base, 12.3(8)JEA, 12.3(8)JEA1, 12.3(8)JEA2, 12.3(8)JEA3, 12.3(8)JEA4, 12.3(100)JEA, 12.3(108)JEA | 12.3JEB Base, 12.3(8)JEB, 12.3(8)JEB1, 12.3(8)JEB2, 12.3(108)JEB | 12.3JEC Base, 12.3(8)JEC, 12.3(8)JEC1, 12.3(8)JEC2, 12.3(8)JEC3, 12.3(8)JEC4, 12.3(108)JEC | 12.3JED Base, 12.3(8)JED, 12.3(8)JED1, 12.3(8)JED2 | 12.3JK Base, 12.3(2)JK, 12.3(2)JK1, 12.3(2)JK2, 12.3(2)JK3, 12.3(2)JK4, 12.3(8)JK, 12.3(8)JK1, 12.3(8)JK2 | 12.3JL Base, 12.3(2)JL, 12.3(2)JL1, 12.3(2)JL2, 12.3(2)JL3, 12.3(2)JL4, 12.3(2)JL5 | 12.3T Base, 12.3(2)T, 12.3(2)T1, 12.3(2)T2, 12.3(2)T3, 12.3(2)T4, 12.3(2)T5, 12.3(2)T6, 12.3(2)T7, 12.3(2)T8, 12.3(2)T9, 12.3(4)T, 12.3(4)T1, 12.3(4)T10, 12.3(4)T11, 12.3(4)T12, 12.3(4)T13, 12.3(4)T2, 12.3(4)T2a, 12.3(4)T3, 12.3(4)T4, 12.3(4)T5, 12.3(4)T6, 12.3(4)T7, 12.3(4)T8, 12.3(4)T9, 12.3(7)T, 12.3(7)T1, 12.3(7)T10, 12.3(7)T11, 12.3(7)T12, 12.3(7)T2, 12.3(7)T3, 12.3(7)T4, 12.3(7)T5, 12.3(7)T6, 12.3(7)T7, 12.3(7)T8, 12.3(7)T9, 12.3(8)T, 12.3(8)T0a, 12.3(8)T1, 12.3(8)T10, 12.3(8)T11, 12.3(8)T2, 12.3(8)T3, 12.3(8)T4, 12.3(8)T5, 12.3(8)T6, 12.3(8)T7, 12.3(8)T8, 12.3(8)T9, 12.3(11)T, 12.3(11)T1, 12.3(11)T10, 12.3(11)T11, 12.3(11)T12, 12.3(11)T2, 12.3(11)T2a, 12.3(11)T3, 12.3(11)T4, 12.3(11)T5, 12.3(11)T6, 12.3(11)T7, 12.3(11)T8, 12.3(11)T9, 12.3(14)T, 12.3(14)T1, 12.3(14)T2, 12.3(14)T3, 12.3(14)T4, 12.3(14)T5, 12.3(14)T6, 12.3(14)T7, 12.3(14)T8, 12.3(14)T9, 12.3(111)T | 12.3TPC Base, 12.3(4)TPC11a, 12.3(4)TPC11b, 12.3(4)TPC11c | 12.3XA Base, 12.3(2)XA, 12.3(2)XA1, 12.3(2)XA2, 12.3(2)XA3, 12.3(2)XA4, 12.3(2)XA5, 12.3(2)XA6, 12.3(2)XA7, 12.3(2)XA8 | 12.3XB Base, 12.3(2)XB, 12.3(2)XB1, 12.3(2)XB2, 12.3(2)XB3 | 12.3XC Base, 12.3(2)XC, 12.3(2)XC1, 12.3(2)XC2, 12.3(2)XC3, 12.3(2)XC4, 12.3(2)XC5, 12.3(2)XC6 | 12.3XD Base, 12.3(4)XD, 12.3(4)XD1, 12.3(4)XD2, 12.3(4)XD3, 12.3(4)XD4 | 12.3XE Base, 12.3(2)XE, 12.3(2)XE1, 12.3(2)XE2, 12.3(2)XE3, 12.3(2)XE4, 12.3(2)XE5, 12.3(2)XE6 | 12.3XF Base, 12.3(2)XF | 12.3XG Base, 12.3(4)XG, 12.3(4)XG1, 12.3(4)XG2, 12.3(4)XG3, 12.3(4)XG4, 12.3(4)XG5 | 12.3XI Base, 12.3(7)XI, 12.3(7)XI1, 12.3(7)XI1a, 12.3(7)XI1b, 12.3(7)XI1c, 12.3(7)XI10, 12.3(7)XI10a, 12.3(7)XI10b, 12.3(7)XI11, 12.3(7)XI2, 12.3(7)XI2a, 12.3(7)XI2b, 12.3(7)XI2c, 12.3(7)XI3, 12.3(7)XI3a, 12.3(7)XI3b, 12.3(7)XI3d, 12.3(7)XI3e, 12.3(7)XI4, 12.3(7)XI5, 12.3(7)XI6, 12.3(7)XI7, 12.3(7)XI7a, 12.3(7)XI7b, 12.3(7)XI8, 12.3(7)XI8a, 12.3(7)XI8ba, 12.3(7)XI8bb, 12.3(7)XI8bc, 12.3(7)XI8c, 12.3(7)XI8d, 12.3(7)XI8e, 12.3(7)XI8f, 12.3(7)XI8g, 12.3(7)XI9, 12.3(107)XI8b, 12.3(107)XI8e | 12.3XJ Base, 12.3(7)XJ, 12.3(7)XJ1, 12.3(7)XJ2 | 12.3XK Base, 12.3(4)XK, 12.3(4)XK1, 12.3(4)XK2, 12.3(4)XK3, 12.3(4)XK4 | 12.3XL Base, 12.3(7)XL, 12.3(11)XL, 12.3(11)XL1, 12.3(11)XL2, 12.3(11)XL3 | 12.3XQ Base, 12.3(4)XQ, 12.3(4)XQ1 | 12.3XR Base, 12.3(7)XR, 12.3(7)XR1, 12.3(7)XR2, 12.3(7)XR3, 12.3(7)XR4, 12.3(7)XR5, 12.3(7)XR6, 12.3(7)XR7, 12.3(7)XR8 | 12.3XU Base, 12.3(8)XU, 12.3(8)XU1, 12.3(8)XU2, 12.3(8)XU3, 12.3(8)XU4, 12.3(8)XU5 | 12.3XW Base, 12.3(8)XW, 12.3(8)XW1, 12.3(8)XW1a, 12.3(8)XW1b, 12.3(8)XW2, 12.3(8)XW3 | 12.3XX Base, 12.3(8)XX, 12.3(8)XX1, 12.3(8)XX2, 12.3(8)XX2a, 12.3(8)XX2b, 12.3(8)XX2c, 12.3(8)XX2d, 12.3(8)XX2e, 12.3(8)XX2f | 12.3XY Base, 12.3(8)XY, 12.3(8)XY1, 12.3(8)XY2, 12.3(8)XY3, 12.3(8)XY4, 12.3(8)XY5, 12.3(8)XY6, 12.3(8)XY7 | 12.3XZ Base, 12.3(2)XZ, 12.3(2)XZ1, 12.3(2)XZ2 | 12.3YD Base, 12.3(8)YD, 12.3(8)YD1 | 12.3YF Base, 12.3(11)YF, 12.3(11)YF1, 12.3(11)YF2, 12.3(11)YF3, 12.3(11)YF4 | 12.3YG Base, 12.3(8)YG, 12.3(8)YG1, 12.3(8)YG2, 12.3(8)YG3, 12.3(8)YG4, 12.3(8)YG5, 12.3(8)YG6, 12.3(8)YG7 | 12.3YI Base, 12.3(8)YI, 12.3(8)YI1, 12.3(8)YI2, 12.3(8)YI3 | 12.3YJ Base, 12.3(11)YJ | 12.3YK Base, 12.3(11)YK, 12.3(11)YK1, 12.3(11)YK2, 12.3(11)YK3, 12.3(11)YK4 | 12.3YM Base, 12.3(13)YM3, 12.3(14)YM1, 12.3(14)YM10, 12.3(14)YM11, 12.3(14)YM12, 12.3(14)YM13, 12.3(14)YM2, 12.3(14)YM3, 12.3(14)YM4, 12.3(14)YM5, 12.3(14)YM6, 12.3(14)YM7, 12.3(14)YM8, 12.3(14)YM9, 12.3(114)YM | 12.3YQ Base, 12.3(14)YQ, 12.3(14)YQ1, 12.3(14)YQ2, 12.3(14)YQ3, 12.3(14)YQ4, 12.3(14)YQ5, 12.3(14)YQ6, 12.3(14)YQ7, 12.3(14)YQ8 | 12.3YS Base, 12.3(11)YS, 12.3(11)YS1, 12.3(11)YS2, 12.3(11)YS3 | 12.3YT Base, 12.3(14)YT, 12.3(14)YT1 | 12.3YU Base, 12.3(14)YU, 12.3(14)YU1 | 12.3YX Base, 12.3(14)YX, 12.3(14)YX1, 12.3(14)YX10, 12.3(14)YX11, 12.3(14)YX12, 12.3(14)YX13, 12.3(14)YX14, 12.3(14)YX15, 12.3(14)YX16, 12.3(14)YX17, 12.3(14)YX2, 12.3(14)YX3, 12.3(14)YX4, 12.3(14)YX5, 12.3(14)YX6, 12.3(14)YX7, 12.3(14)YX8, 12.3(14)YX9, 12.3(114)YX | 12.3YZ Base, 12.3(11)YZ, 12.3(11)YZ1, 12.3(11)YZ2, 12.3(11)YZ3 | 12.3ZA Base, 12.3(8)ZA, 12.3(8)ZA1 | 12.4 Base, 12.4(1), 12.4(1a), 12.4(1b), 12.4(1c), 12.4(3), 12.4(3a), 12.4(3b), 12.4(3c), 12.4(3d), 12.4(3e), 12.4(3f), 12.4(3g), 12.4(3h), 12.4(3i), 12.4(3j), 12.4(5), 12.4(5a), 12.4(5b), 12.4(5c), 12.4(7), 12.4(7a), 12.4(7b), 12.4(7c), 12.4(7d), 12.4(7e), 12.4(7f), 12.4(7g), 12.4(7h), 12.4(8), 12.4(8a), 12.4(8b), 12.4(8c), 12.4(8d), 12.4(10), 12.4(10a), 12.4(10b), 12.4(10c), 12.4(12), 12.4(12a), 12.4(12b), 12.4(12c), 12.4(13), 12.4(13a), 12.4(13b), 12.4(13c), 12.4(13d), 12.4(13e), 12.4(13f), 12.4(14), 12.4(16), 12.4(16a), 12.4(16b), 12.4(17), 12.4(17a), 12.4(17b), 12.4(18), 12.4(18a), 12.4(18b), 12.4(18c), 12.4(18d), 12.4(18e), 12.4(19), 12.4(19a), 12.4(19b), 12.4(21), 12.4(21a), 12.4(21b), 12.4(23), 12.4(23a), 12.4(23b), 12.4(23c), 12.4(23d), 12.4(23e), 12.4(25), 12.4(25a), 12.4(25b), 12.4(25c), 12.4(25d), 12.4(25e), 12.4(25f), 12.4(25g), 12.4(69), 12.4(100), 12.4(103), 12.4(105), 12.4(107), 12.4(108), 12.4(110), 12.4(112), 12.4(113), 12.4(116), 12.4(117), 12.4(118), 12.4(119), 12.4(121), 12.4(123) | 12.4GC Base, 12.4(22)GC1, 12.4(22)GC1a, 12.4(24)GC1, 12.4(24)GC2, 12.4(24)GC3, 12.4(24)GC3a, 12.4(24)GC4 | 12.4JA Base, 12.4(3g)JA, 12.4(3g)JA1, 12.4(3g)JA2, 12.4(3g)JA3, 12.4(10a)JA, 12.4(10b)JA, 12.4(10b)JA1, 12.4(10b)JA1a, 12.4(10b)JA2, 12.4(10b)JA3, 12.4(10b)JA4, 12.4(10b)JA5, 12.4(13d)JA, 12.4(13d)JA1, 12.4(13d)JA1a, 12.4(16b)JA, 12.4(16b)JA1, 12.4(16b)JA2, 12.4(18a)JA, 12.4(18a)JA1, 12.4(18a)JA2, 12.4(18a)JA3, 12.4(21a)JA, 12.4(21a)JA1, 12.4(21a)JA2, 12.4(21a)JA3, 12.4(21a)JA50, 12.4(23c)JA, 12.4(23c)JA1, 12.4(23c)JA2, 12.4(23c)JA3, 12.4(23c)JA4, 12.4(23c)JA5, 12.4(25d)JA, 12.4(25d)JA1, 12.4(25d)JA2, 12.4(25e)JA, 12.4(25e)JA1, 12.4(103g)JA, 12.4(110b)JA, 12.4(116b)JA, 12.4(118a)JA | 12.4JAX 12.4(25)JAX, 12.4(25d)JAX | 12.4JDA Base, 12.4(10b)JDA, 12.4(10b)JDA1, 12.4(10b)JDA2, 12.4(10b)JDA3, 12.4(10b)JDA4, 12.4(110b)JDA | 12.4JDC Base, 12.4(10b)JDC | 12.4JDD Base, 12.4(10b)JDD, 12.4(10b)JDD1 | 12.4JDE Base, 12.4(10b)JDE, 12.4(10b)JDE0 | 12.4JHA Base, 12.4(21a)JHA, 12.4(21a)JHA1 | 12.4JHB Base, 12.4(21a)JHB, 12.4(21a)JHB1, 12.4(21a)JHB2 | 12.4JHC 12.4(21a)JHC, 12.4(21a)JHC1, Base | 12.4JK Base, 12.4(3)JK, 12.4(3)JK1, 12.4(3)JK2, 12.4(3)JK3, 12.4(3)JK4, 12.4(103)JK | 12.4JL Base, 12.4(3)JL, 12.4(3)JL1, 12.4(3)JL2, 12.4(3)JL3, 12.4(103)JL | 12.4JX Base, 12.4(3g)JX, 12.4(3g)JX1, 12.4(3g)JX2, 12.4(10b)JX, 12.4(21a)JX, 12.4(23c)JX, 12.4(25d)JX, 12.4(103g)JX | 12.4JY Base, 12.4(10b)JY, 12.4(21a)JY, 12.4(21a)JY1, 12.4(23c)JY | 12.4JZ Base, 12.4(21a)JZ, 12.4(23c)JZ | 12.4MD Base, 12.4(11)MD, 12.4(11)MD1, 12.4(11)MD10, 12.4(11)MD11, 12.4(11)MD2, 12.4(11)MD3, 12.4(11)MD4, 12.4(11)MD5, 12.4(11)MD6, 12.4(11)MD7, 12.4(11)MD8, 12.4(11)MD9, 12.4(15)MD, 12.4(15)MD1, 12.4(15)MD2, 12.4(15)MD3, 12.4(15)MD4, 12.4(15)MD5, 12.4(15)MD6, 12.4(22)MD, 12.4(22)MD1, 12.4(22)MD2, 12.4(22)MD3, 12.4(24)MD, 12.4(24)MD1, 12.4(24)MD2, 12.4(24)MD3, 12.4(24)MD4, 12.4(24)MD5, 12.4(24)MD6, 12.4(24)MD7, 12.4(111)MD, 12.4(115)MD, 12.4(122)MD | 12.4MDA Base, 12.4(22)MDA, 12.4(22)MDA1, 12.4(22)MDA2, 12.4(22)MDA3, 12.4(22)MDA4, 12.4(22)MDA5, 12.4(22)MDA6, 12.4(22)MDA7, 12.4(24)MDA, 12.4(24)MDA1, 12.4(24)MDA10, 12.4(24)MDA11, 12.4(24)MDA12, 12.4(24)MDA2, 12.4(24)MDA3, 12.4(24)MDA4, 12.4(24)MDA5, 12.4(24)MDA6, 12.4(24)MDA7, 12.4(24)MDA8, 12.4(24)MDA9 | 12.4MDB Base, 12.4(24)MDB, 12.4(24)MDB1, 12.4(24)MDB2, 12.4(24)MDB3, 12.4(24)MDB4, 12.4(24)MDB5, 12.4(24)MDB5a, 12.4(24)MDB5b, 12.4(24)MDB6, 12.4(24)MDB7 | 12.4MR 12.4(119)MR, 12.4(119)MR1, Base, 12.4(2)MR, 12.4(2)MR1, 12.4(4)MR, 12.4(4)MR1, 12.4(6)MR, 12.4(6)MR1, 12.4(9)MR, 12.4(11)MR, 12.4(12)MR, 12.4(12)MR1, 12.4(12)MR2, 12.4(16)MR, 12.4(16)MR1, 12.4(16)MR2, 12.4(19)MR, 12.4(19)MR1, 12.4(19)MR2, 12.4(19)MR3, 12.4(20)MR, 12.4(20)MR2 | 12.4MRA Base, 12.4(20)MRA, 12.4(20)MRA1, 12.4(20)MRA2 | 12.4MRB Base, 12.4(20)MRB, 12.4(20)MRB1, 12.4(20)MRB2 | 12.4SW Base, 12.4(6)SW, 12.4(11)SW, 12.4(11)SW1, 12.4(11)SW2, 12.4(11)SW3, 12.4(15)SW, 12.4(15)SW1, 12.4(15)SW2, 12.4(15)SW3, 12.4(15)SW4, 12.4(15)SW5, 12.4(15)SW6, 12.4(15)SW7, 12.4(15)SW8, 12.4(15)SW8a, 12.4(115)SW1, 12.4(115)SW2 | 12.4TST Base, 12.4(100)TST | 12.4XA Base, 12.4(2)XA, 12.4(2)XA1, 12.4(2)XA2 | 12.4XB Base, 12.4(2)XB, 12.4(2)XB1, 12.4(2)XB10, 12.4(2)XB100, 12.4(2)XB11, 12.4(2)XB12, 12.4(2)XB2, 12.4(2)XB3, 12.4(2)XB4, 12.4(2)XB5, 12.4(2)XB6, 12.4(2)XB7, 12.4(2)XB8, 12.4(2)XB9, 12.4(102)XB | 12.4XC Base, 12.4(4)XC, 12.4(4)XC1, 12.4(4)XC2, 12.4(4)XC3, 12.4(4)XC4, 12.4(4)XC5, 12.4(4)XC6, 12.4(4)XC7, 12.4(104)XC | 12.4XD Base, 12.4(4)XD, 12.4(4)XD1, 12.4(4)XD10, 12.4(4)XD11, 12.4(4)XD12, 12.4(4)XD2, 12.4(4)XD3, 12.4(4)XD4, 12.4(4)XD5, 12.4(4)XD6, 12.4(4)XD7, 12.4(4)XD8, 12.4(4)XD9, 12.4(104)XD | 12.4XE Base, 12.4(6)XE, 12.4(6)XE1, 12.4(6)XE2, 12.4(6)XE3, 12.4(6)XE4, 12.4(6)XE5, 12.4(106)XE | 12.4XF Base, 12.4(9)XF, 12.4(11)XF, 12.4(15)XF | 12.4XG Base, 12.4(9)XG, 12.4(9)XG1, 12.4(9)XG100, 12.4(9)XG2, 12.4(9)XG3, 12.4(9)XG4, 12.4(9)XG5, 12.4(100)XG, 12.4(109)XG | 12.4XJ Base, 12.4(11)XJ, 12.4(11)XJ1, 12.4(11)XJ2, 12.4(11)XJ3, 12.4(11)XJ4, 12.4(11)XJ5, 12.4(11)XJ6 | 12.4XK Base, 12.4(14)XK | 12.4XL Base, 12.4(15)XL, 12.4(15)XL1, 12.4(15)XL2, 12.4(15)XL3, 12.4(15)XL4, 12.4(15)XL5, 12.4(15)XL6, 12.4(115)XL | 12.4XM Base, 12.4(15)XM, 12.4(15)XM1, 12.4(15)XM2, 12.4(15)XM3, 12.4(115)XM | 12.4XN Base, 12.4(15)XN, 12.4(115)XN | 12.4XP Base, 12.4(4)XP, 12.4(6)XP | 12.4XQ Base, 12.4(15)XQ, 12.4(15)XQ1, 12.4(15)XQ2, 12.4(15)XQ2a, 12.4(15)XQ2b, 12.4(15)XQ2c, 12.4(15)XQ2d, 12.4(15)XQ3, 12.4(15)XQ4, 12.4(15)XQ5, 12.4(15)XQ6, 12.4(15)XQ7, 12.4(15)XQ8, 12.4(100)XQ, 12.4(115)XQ | 12.4XR Base, 12.4(15)XR, 12.4(15)XR1, 12.4(15)XR10, 12.4(15)XR2, 12.4(15)XR3, 12.4(15)XR4, 12.4(15)XR5, 12.4(15)XR6, 12.4(15)XR7, 12.4(15)XR8, 12.4(15)XR9, 12.4(22)XR, 12.4(22)XR1, 12.4(22)XR10, 12.4(22)XR11, 12.4(22)XR12, 12.4(22)XR2, 12.4(22)XR3, 12.4(22)XR4, 12.4(22)XR5, 12.4(22)XR6, 12.4(22)XR7, 12.4(22)XR8, 12.4(22)XR9, 12.4(115)XR | 12.4XT Base, 12.4(6)XT, 12.4(6)XT1, 12.4(6)XT2, 12.4(106)XT5a | 12.4XV Base, 12.4(11)XV, 12.4(11)XV1, 12.4(11)XV2 | 12.4XW Base, 12.4(11)XW, 12.4(11)XW1, 12.4(11)XW10, 12.4(11)XW2, 12.4(11)XW3, 12.4(11)XW4, 12.4(11)XW5, 12.4(11)XW6, 12.4(11)XW7, 12.4(11)XW8, 12.4(11)XW9, 12.4(115)XW | 12.4XY Base, 12.4(15)XY, 12.4(15)XY1, 12.4(15)XY2, 12.4(15)XY3, 12.4(15)XY4, 12.4(15)XY5, 12.4(115)XY | 12.4XZ Base, 12.4(15)XZ, 12.4(15)XZ1, 12.4(15)XZ2, 12.4(115)XZ | 12.4YA Base, 12.4(20)YA, 12.4(20)YA1, 12.4(20)YA2, 12.4(20)YA3, 12.4(120)YA | 12.4YB Base, 12.4(22)YB, 12.4(22)YB1, 12.4(22)YB2, 12.4(22)YB3, 12.4(22)YB4, 12.4(22)YB5, 12.4(22)YB6, 12.4(22)YB7, 12.4(22)YB8, 12.4(122)YB | 12.4YD Base, 12.4(22)YD, 12.4(22)YD1, 12.4(22)YD2, 12.4(22)YD3, 12.4(22)YD4, 12.4(100)YD | 12.4YE Base, 12.4(22)YE, 12.4(22)YE1, 12.4(22)YE100, 12.4(22)YE2, 12.4(22)YE3, 12.4(22)YE4, 12.4(22)YE5, 12.4(22)YE6, 12.4(24)YE, 12.4(24)YE1, 12.4(24)YE2, 12.4(24)YE3, 12.4(24)YE3a, 12.4(24)YE3b, 12.4(24)YE3c, 12.4(24)YE3d, 12.4(24)YE4, 12.4(24)YE5, 12.4(24)YE6, 12.4(24)YE7 | 12.4YG Base, 12.4(24)YG1, 12.4(24)YG2, 12.4(24)YG3, 12.4(24)YG4 | 15.0M Base, 15.0(1)M, 15.0(1)M1, 15.0(1)M10, 15.0(1)M11, 15.0(1)M2, 15.0(1)M3, 15.0(1)M4, 15.0(1)M5, 15.0(1)M5a, 15.0(1)M6, 15.0(1)M6a, 15.0(1)M7, 15.0(1)M8, 15.0(1)M9 | 15.0MR Base, 15.0(1)MR, 15.0(1)MR1, 15.0(2)MR | 15.0MRA 15.0(1)MRA, Base | 15.0S Base, 15.0(1)S, 15.0(1)S1, 15.0(1)S2, 15.0(1)S3, 15.0(1)S3a, 15.0(1)S4, 15.0(1)S4a, 15.0(1)S5, 15.0(1)S6, 15.0(1s)S2 | 15.0SE Base, 15.0(1)SE, 15.0(1)SE1, 15.0(1)SE2, 15.0(2)SE | 15.0SG Base, 15.0(2)SG, 15.0(2)SG1, 15.0(2)SG2, 15.0(2)SG3, 15.0(2)SG4 | 15.0SY Base, 15.0(1)SY, 15.0(1)SY0, 15.0(1)SY1, 15.0(1)SY2 | 15.0XA Base, 15.0(1)XA, 15.0(1)XA1, 15.0(1)XA2, 15.0(1)XA3, 15.0(1)XA4, 15.0(1)XA5 | 15.0XO Base, 15.0(1)XO, 15.0(1)XO1, 15.0(2)XO, 15.0(2)XO1 | 15.1EY 15.1(2)EY, 15.1(2)EY1, 15.1(2)EY1a, 15.1(2)EY2, 15.1(2)EY3 | 15.1GC Base, 15.1(2)GC, 15.1(2)GC1, 15.1(2)GC2 | 15.1M Base, 15.1(4)M, 15.1(4)M0a, 15.1(4)M0b, 15.1(4)M1, 15.1(4)M2, 15.1(4)M3, 15.1(4)M3a, 15.1(4)M4, 15.1(4)M5, 15.1(4)M6, 15.1(4)M7 | 15.1MR 15.1(1)MR, Base, 15.1(1)MR1, 15.1(1)MR2, 15.1(1)MR3 | 15.1S Base, 15.1(1)S, 15.1(1)S1, 15.1(1)S2, 15.1(2)S, 15.1(2)S1, 15.1(2)S2, 15.1(3)S, 15.1(3)S0a, 15.1(3)S1, 15.1(3)S2, 15.1(3)S3, 15.1(3)S4 | 15.1SNG 15.1(2)SNG, 15.1(2)SNG1 | 15.1T Base, 15.1(1)T, 15.1(1)T1, 15.1(1)T2, 15.1(1)T3, 15.1(1)T4, 15.1(1)T5, 15.1(2)T, 15.1(2)T0a, 15.1(2)T1, 15.1(2)T10, 15.1(2)T2, 15.1(2)T2a, 15.1(2)T3, 15.1(2)T4, 15.1(2)T5, 15.1(3)T, 15.1(3)T1, 15.1(3)T2, 15.1(3)T3, 15.1(3)T4, 15.1(4)T, 15.1(100)T | 15.1XB Base, 15.1(1)XB, 15.1(1)XB1, 15.1(1)XB2, 15.1(1)XB3, 15.1(4)XB4, 15.1(4)XB5, 15.1(4)XB5a, 15.1(4)XB6, 15.1(4)XB7 | 15.2GC 15.2(1)GC, Base, 15.2(1)GC1, 15.2(1)GC2 | 15.2S Base, 15.2(1)S, 15.2(1)S0a, 15.2(1)S1, 15.2(1)S2, 15.2(1s)S1, 15.2(2)S, 15.2(2)S1, 15.2(3)S, 15.2(4)S | 15.2T Base, 15.2(1)T, 15.2(1)T1, 15.2(1)T2, 15.2(1)T3, 15.2(1)T4, 15.2(2)T, 15.2(2)T1, 15.2(2)T2, 15.2(2)T3, 15.2(2)T4, 15.2(3)T, 15.2(3)T1, 15.2(3)T2, 15.2(3)T3, 15.2(3)T4
CiscoCisco IOS XE Software 2.1 .0, .1, .2 | 2.2 .1, .2, .3 | 2.3 .0, .0t, .1t, .2 | 2.4 .0, .1 | 2.5 .0 | 2.6 .0, .1, .2 | 3.1S .0, .1, .2, .3 | 3.1SG .1 | 3.2S .0, .1, .2 | 3.3S .0, .1, .2 | 3.4S .0, .1 | 3.5S Base

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CiscoIOS 12.2EW | 12.2EWA | 12.2EX | 12.2EY | 12.2EYA 12.2(52)EY1A | 12.2EZ | 12.2FX | 12.2FY | 12.2FZ | 12.2IRA | 12.2IRB | 12.2IRC | 12.2IRD | 12.2IRE | 12.2IRF | 12.2IRG | 12.2IRH | 12.2MRA | 12.2MRB | 12.2SB | 12.2SCA | 12.2SCB | 12.2SCC | 12.2SCD | 12.2SCE | 12.2SCF | 12.2SE | 12.2SEA | 12.2SEB | 12.2SEC | 12.2SED | 12.2SEE | 12.2SEF | 12.2SEG | 12.2SG | 12.2SGA | 12.2SQ | 12.2SRA | 12.2SRB | 12.2SRC | 12.2SRD | 12.2SRE | 12.2STE | 12.2SXH | 12.2SXI | 12.2SXJ | 12.2SY | 12.2WO 12.2(54)WO | 12.2XN 12.2(31)XN, 12.2(31)XN1, 12.2(31)XN2, 12.2(31)XN3, 12.2(31a)XN2, 12.2(31a)XN3, 12.2(31b)XN2, 12.2(31b)XN3, 12.2(31c)XN2, 12.2(31c)XN3, 12.2(33)XN, 12.2(33)XN1 | 12.2XO | 12.2ZF 12.2(13)ZF, 12.2(13)ZF1, 12.2(13)ZF2 | 12.2ZH | 12.2ZI 12.2(33)ZI | 12.2ZL 12.2(15)ZL, 12.2(15)ZL1 | 12.2ZN 12.2(15)ZN | 12.2ZV 12.2(31)ZV, 12.2(31)ZV0a, 12.2(31)ZV0b, 12.2(31)ZV0c, 12.2(31)ZV0d, 12.2(31)ZV0e, 12.2(31)ZV0f, 12.2(31)ZV0g, 12.2(31)ZV0h, 12.2(31)ZV0i, 12.2(31)ZV0j, 12.2(31)ZV1a, 12.2(31)ZV1b, 12.2(31)ZV1c, 12.2(31)ZV2, 12.2(31)ZV2a, 12.2(31)ZV2d | 12.2ZW 12.2(33)ZW | 12.2ZZ 12.2(33)ZZ | 12.3 | 12.3B | 12.3BC | 12.3BW | 12.3JA | 12.3JEA | 12.3JEB | 12.3JEC | 12.3JED | 12.3JEE 12.3(8)JEE | 12.3JK | 12.3JL | 12.3M 12.3(9)M0, 12.3(9)M1, 12.3(10a)M0 | 12.3T | 12.3TO 12.3(11)TO3 | 12.3TPC | 12.3XA | 12.3XB | 12.3XC | 12.3XD | 12.3XE | 12.3XF | 12.3XG | 12.3XH 12.3(4)XH, 12.3(4)XH1 | 12.3XI | 12.3XJ | 12.3XK | 12.3XL | 12.3XM 12.3(7)XM | 12.3XN 12.3(4)XN, 12.3(4)XN1, 12.3(4)XN2 | 12.3XQ | 12.3XR | 12.3XS 12.3(7)XS, 12.3(7)XS1, 12.3(7)XS2 | 12.3XT 12.3(2)XT, 12.3(2)XT1, 12.3(2)XT2, 12.3(2)XT3 | 12.3XU | 12.3XW | 12.3XX | 12.3XY | 12.3XZ | 12.3YA 12.3(8)YA, 12.3(8)YA1 | 12.3YB 12.3(7)YB, 12.3(7)YB1 | 12.3YC 12.3(8)YC, 12.3(8)YC1, 12.3(8)YC2, 12.3(8)YC3 | 12.3YD | 12.3YE 12.3(4)YE, 12.3(4)YE1 | 12.3YF | 12.3YG | 12.3YH 12.3(8)YH | 12.3YI | 12.3YJ | 12.3YK | 12.3YL 12.3(11)YL, 12.3(11)YL1, 12.3(11)YL2 | 12.3YM | 12.3YN 12.3(11)YN | 12.3YQ | 12.3YR 12.3(11)YR, 12.3(11)YR1 | 12.3YS | 12.3YT | 12.3YU | 12.3YX | 12.3YZ | 12.3ZA | 12.3ZB 12.3(11)ZB, 12.3(11)ZB1, 12.3(11)ZB2 | 12.4 | 12.4GC | 12.4JA | 12.4JAX | 12.4JDA | 12.4JDC | 12.4JDD | 12.4JDE | 12.4JHA | 12.4JHB | 12.4JHC | 12.4JK | 12.4JL | 12.4JMA 12.4(3g)JMA, 12.4(3g)JMA1 | 12.4JMB 12.4(3g)JMB | 12.4JMC 12.4(3g)JMC, 12.4(3g)JMC1, 12.4(3g)JMC2 | 12.4JX | 12.4JY | 12.4JZ | 12.4M 12.4(5a)M0, 12.4(21a)M1, 12.4(23b)M1 | 12.4MD | 12.4MDA | 12.4MDB | 12.4MR | 12.4MRA | 12.4MRB | 12.4SW | 12.4T 12.4(2)T, 12.4(2)T1, 12.4(2)T2, 12.4(2)T3, 12.4(2)T4, 12.4(2)T5, 12.4(2)T6, 12.4(4)T, 12.4(4)T1, 12.4(4)T2, 12.4(4)T3, 12.4(4)T4, 12.4(4)T5, 12.4(4)T6, 12.4(4)T7, 12.4(4)T8, 12.4(6)T, 12.4(6)T1, 12.4(6)T10, 12.4(6)T11, 12.4(6)T12, 12.4(6)T2, 12.4(6)T3, 12.4(6)T4, 12.4(6)T5, 12.4(6)T5a, 12.4(6)T5b, 12.4(6)T5c, 12.4(6)T5d, 12.4(6)T5e, 12.4(6)T5f, 12.4(6)T6, 12.4(6)T7, 12.4(6)T8, 12.4(6)T9, 12.4(9)T, 12.4(9)T0a, 12.4(9)T1, 12.4(9)T2, 12.4(9)T3, 12.4(9)T4, 12.4(9)T5, 12.4(9)T6, 12.4(9)T7, 12.4(11)T, 12.4(11)T1, 12.4(11)T2, 12.4(11)T3, 12.4(11)T4, 12.4(15)T, 12.4(15)T1, 12.4(15)T10, 12.4(15)T11, 12.4(15)T12, 12.4(15)T13, 12.4(15)T13b, 12.4(15)T14, 12.4(15)T15, 12.4(15)T16, 12.4(15)T2, 12.4(15)T3, 12.4(15)T4, 12.4(15)T5, 12.4(15)T6, 12.4(15)T6a, 12.4(15)T7, 12.4(15)T8, 12.4(15)T9, 12.4(20)T, 12.4(20)T1, 12.4(20)T2, 12.4(20)T3, 12.4(20)T4, 12.4(20)T5, 12.4(20)T5a, 12.4(20)T6, 12.4(22)T, 12.4(22)T1, 12.4(22)T2, 12.4(22)T3, 12.4(22)T4, 12.4(22)T5, 12.4(24)T, 12.4(24)T1, 12.4(24)T2, 12.4(24)T3, 12.4(24)T3c, 12.4(24)T3e, 12.4(24)T3f, 12.4(24)T35c, 12.4(24)T4, 12.4(24)T4a, 12.4(24)T4b, 12.4(24)T4c, 12.4(24)T5, 12.4(24)T6 | 12.4XA | 12.4XB | 12.4XC | 12.4XD | 12.4XE | 12.4XF | 12.4XG | 12.4XJ | 12.4XK | 12.4XL | 12.4XM | 12.4XN | 12.4XP | 12.4XQ | 12.4XR | 12.4XT | 12.4XV | 12.4XW | 12.4XY | 12.4XZ | 12.4YA | 12.4YB | 12.4YD | 12.4YE | 12.4YG | 15.0M | 15.0MR | 15.0S | 15.0SE | 15.0SG | 15.0SY | 15.0XA | 15.0XO | 15.1EY | 15.1GC | 15.1M | 15.1MR | 15.1S | 15.1SA 15.1(1)SA, 15.1(1)SA1, 15.1(1)SA2 | 15.1SNG | 15.1T | 15.1XB | 15.2GC | 15.2S | 15.2SA 15.2(1)SA | 15.2T
CiscoCisco IOS XE Software 2.1 | 2.2 | 2.3 | 2.4 | 2.5 | 2.6 | 3.1S | 3.1SG | 3.2S | 3.2SG | 3.3S | 3.4S

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