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Cisco Security

Security Case Studies

Learn how the implementation of Cisco security solutions helps to ensure business continuity, protect against threats, and keep information secure.

University Provides Unfettered Access with Flexible Network

Mississippi State University uses integrated wireless and security solutions to create borderless academic network.


Email and Web Security

Multilayered Email and Web Protection for Noble Foods

An intelligent pre-gateway filtering solution, based on the Cisco IronPort Email and Web Security Appliances, reduces spam levels without delaying legitimate email and promotes safer web and email behavior across company.

Cisco IronPort Solutions Provide an Education in Web Security

Learn how Cisco IronPort S-Series appliances provided Enumclaw with comprehensive web security protection and control at the network gateway through a single, integrated system.

Cisco IronPort Technology Provides the Best Prescription for a Healthy Email Environment

See how Cisco IronPort solutions enabled Cancer Treatment Centers of America to meet HIPAA compliance requirements, regain productivity by eliminating large volumes of spam and more.

Regulatory Compliance

Romanian Bank Improves Customer Service, Branch Productivity

Banca Comercială Rom‚nă re-designs and modernizes its network with Cisco Lifecycle Management and Borderless Network solutions and gains greater business agility to stream training, regulatory compliance, and business TV video content.

California Department of Water Resources Collaborates Securely with Outside Organizations

A state agency empowers its workforce to support the departmentís missions and collaborate with other government entities, businesses, and citizens with borderless infrastructure based on Cisco Data Center Business Advantage solutions.

University of Texas Health Science Center receives $44 million in research contracts with help of Cisco Services

Learn how Cisco FISMA Risk Assessment Service brought knowledge and expertise for compliance required by new externally-funded research projects as well as best practices for improving research-specific operational security

Grocer Addresses PCI Requirements and Simplifies Network Management

Piggly Wiggly implements the Cisco PCI Solution for Retail to address regulatory requirements and improve IT productivity.

Internet Content Provider Safeguards Customer Networks

Synacor uses Cisco network infrastructure and security solutions to enhance network protection and streamline compliance.

Threat Control

Cisco Increases Patient Data Security for Healthcare Provider

Cisco engineers help Sentara deploy new Identity Services Engine to enforce security policies for patient records

Electrical Utility Safeguards Grid from Malicious Threats

British Columbia Transmission Corporation (BCTC) Uses Cisco Security Solutions to Protect Systems and Streamline Compliance

Software Services Company Locks Down Small Office Network

Scotweb, a small web design and application service provider, uses Cisco IOS Security services embedded in an office router to protect critical business services.

Healthcare Provider Builds Secure Network from the Ground Up

Brooks Rehabilitation used Cisco solutions to build a new high-performance, highly secure network foundation.

Online Marketing Company Uses Router-Based Solutions to Improve Security

ValueClick uses Cisco IOS firewall and threat control services to maintain a scalable, highly manageable end-to-end security solution.

Law Firm Protects Confidential Client Information

Weltman, Weinberg & Reis (WWR) deployed a layered Cisco security solution controlled and managed by Cisco Security Manager and CS-MARS. The firm can now better protect confidential client records from hackers, viruses, malware, and other network threats.

Cisco IT Upgrades Intrusion Prevention Software to Improve Endpoint Security

Cisco IT finds that Cisco Security Agent, a behavior-based threat prevention system, is easy to deploy and manage in a global enterprise.

Building a Secure, Reliable College Network

The Mississippi State Board depends on a Cisco security solution to safeguard its network and extend access to students and staff.

Building a Safer, Smarter Government

The state of Oregon safeguards confidential information with a Self-Defending Network solution.

Secure Communications

How Cisco Workforce Connects to Borderless Network from Any Device

AnyConnect client provides secure remote access from laptops, tablets, and handhelds

Medical Institution Safeguards Open Academic Network

Baylor College of Medicine relies on Cisco security solutions to manage access, guard against malware, and improve IT efficiency.

Global Design and Engineering Firm Empowers Remote Workforce

Mentor Graphics uses Cisco ASA VPN Solution and MultiFactor SecureAuth to enable remote employees to work securely.

Cement Manufacturer Safeguards Wide Area Network Availability

TCL Group uses Cisco switching and security solutions to block intruders and maintain availability of manufacturing applications.

IT Service Provider Brings 802.1X Security to Wired Network

Siemens IT Solutions and Services implemented IEEE 802.1X and PKI authentication services in Cisco Catalyst switches to create a universal access control system for wired, wireless and remote network connections.

Technology Provider Builds Secure Network to Support Global Clients

To improve security and create a more uniform, manageable network environment, ADP Dealer Services replaced its Frame Relay infrastructure with a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, based entirely on Cisco routing and security solutions.

Food Manufacturer Extends Its Workplace with Secure Remote Access

Del Monte Foods improved employee collaboration and productivity with the Cisco ASA 5500 Series SSL/IPsec VPN Edition.

Consultants Gain Resources On Demand with SSL VPN Solution

The Benelux division of Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, technology and professional services, deployed Cisco SSL VPN, via Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliance, to allow consultants more efficient access to data resources while working at customer sites.

Network Admission Control

Electrical Services Firm Keeps Remote Workers Connected

SECE (Spanish Society of Electrical Construction) cut costs and enhanced customer service with network support provided by Tecnida and Cisco

Medical Institution Safeguards Open Academic Network

Baylor College of Medicine relies on Cisco security solutions to manage access, guard against malware, and improve IT efficiency.

University Improves Network Security and IT Efficiency

John Carroll University uses Cisco security solutions to reduce information security risks on campus.

One of Nation's Most "Unwired" Campuses Blocks Malware for Wireless Users

Trinity University uses Cisco Network Admission Control to deny network access to devices with malware and viruses.

Security Management

Canadian Healthcare Provider Needs to Protect Rapidly Changing Network

Hamilton Health Sciences turns to Cisco TrustSec to protect its Borderless Network with tightly integrated access controls.

Radiology Group Connects Thousands of Hospitals, Securely and Virtually

Virtual Radiologic uses Cisco solutions to secure electronic patient information transmitted between hospitals and remote radiologists

Top Netherlands University Achieves a Higher Degree of Security

HAN University improves network protection with Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances while streamlining management with Cisco Content Switching Module.