Cisco Security Products and Services Information

Cisco Security Services are available to assist customers in support of the breach. Cisco offers Incident Response and Threat Hunting services as well as post-breach services to apply lessons and strengthen defenses.

Q: We believe we are breached; how can Cisco help?

Talos Incident Response Services provide customers with on-demand time and materials or retainer based incident response services via a subscription.

Q: How can we understand our existing network posture and best practice recommendations?

Network Architecture Assessment Service helps customers understand and strengthen their Infrastructure Security Architecture. This vendor-independent control framework is built from industry standards, security architecture principles, and Cisco engineering experience in securing enterprise infrastructures.

Zero Trust Strategy Service will help the customer understand what their Zero Trust future looks like, factoring in the uniqueness of their organization, present capabilities, and environment (campus, data center, off premises, cloud, and others). This service helps customers to lay the foundation for Zero Trust implementation by understanding the interaction among users, applications, and systems.

Q: How can we obtain network remediation and hardening support?

Zero Trust Implementation Service offers a programmatic approach to help customers adopt a Zero Trust security model that focuses on a comprehensive solution to secure all access across your applications and environment, from any user, device, and location.

Q: We want to be better prepared for future events with an effective cyber security program. How can Cisco help?

Cisco offers a suite of ongoing breach resiliency through Penetration Testing services that help customers build confidence in their security controls and readiness to respond to a breach.

Cisco Cybersecurity Maturity Program Assessment Service provides expert assessment to improve cybersecurity management programs and underlying controls. The service provides immediate visibility into a customerís security posture and maturity level, including plans to help the customer reach their ideal state.

Q: How do we engage the Cisco services team?